Aoshima’s “The Wheel” 1/6-Scale Vintage Barrel Model Kit

Welcome to 2012! As we await our Mayan apocalypse let’s enjoy what time we have by enjoying some holiday goodies received at the JNC office. Reason #3,811 of why Japan is great is because you can not only buy a model kit of your favorite Japanese car, but your favorite Japanese racing wheel as well. 

These Aoshima kits came courtesy of our friend Satoshi at Kousoku Yuen, and they aren’t simply the 1/24 scale wheels used to customize your plastic model build. They’re mega-sized 1/6 models of the wheel itself in a series called “The Wheel,” part of the Fashionable Collection Series.

Each kit comes with only one yo-yo-sized wheel. That’s one face, one barrel, one center cap and four lugs. It’s not the most challenging kit to build, but it comes with actual tiny bolts to attach the face to the barrel.

In addition to the Equip Excel 5 and Advan A3A we got, there are plenty of others like the Riverside R104, Hayashi Bomber, SSR Formula Mesh, and more. By the looks of the packaging and the “Made in Japan” label these probably date from the late 1980s, but they still show up on YJA for reasonable coin.

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13 Responses to Aoshima’s “The Wheel” 1/6-Scale Vintage Barrel Model Kit

  1. Shane says:

    ohh no, not more models i need to collect!

  2. Nigel says:

    But you can’t get any cars in this scale !
    (I have seen these built up, they are very cool).
    They look great on a desk.

  3. Raees Amien says:

    Hey there. I am a member of spc model forum and im glad to see these wheels are back. i have about 5 sets of these and theyt are great for collecting and displaying. here are some of my pictures of it.

  4. dave says:

    Awesome! I want the 3-spoke Advan, one of my absolute most favorite wheels

  5. Tim says:

    i can buy these for you here in japan if anyone is really interested, just PM me

  6. hj azri says:

    where can i buy this wheel?

  7. brooke keith says:

    hi all rather late response
    Im down in New Zealand. but have a brand new The Wheel, No 5 1/6th scale
    any interest??
    email me. , cheers

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