Animated Hondas from new “Blue Skies for our Children” ad campaign

Honda’s new ad campaign features some animated classics and a Watchmen-like generational mirror. The only question that remains is why, when the son gets to the EG, doesn’t slam it while riding around in baseball hat cocked at a 45 degree angle. It’s cute, but still not as operatic as the Impossible Dream. Keep trying, Honda. 

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8 Responses to Animated Hondas from new “Blue Skies for our Children” ad campaign

  1. Tyler says:

    Awesome. But do they really sell a Fit EV?

  2. dave says:

    Mazda is already doing this w/ the SkyActiv, and already has results w/ two and soon-to-be three vehicles on the road. Honda needs to catch up fast. That in itself is ironic. Honda was once the leader in efficient and clean engine technology, some of which was also really fun. They’ve been resting on their laurels, and this commercial (prominently showing the original CVCC Civic) shows they’re still resting on their laurels. Time to move on and be great again, Honda.

    • Alfred says:

      No, don’t listen to the hype: journalists keep saying Honda’s resting on its laurels. How about this: Honda’s Natural Gas Civic just got named Green Car of the Year at the LA auto show. And Honda’s been at the top of ACEEE (American Council on an Energy Efficient Economy) eco-ratings for the past 7 years. Also, Honda is the only automaker with a production hydrogen-powered vehicle. Finally, the Honda Accord has been on Car and Driver’s 10 best a record 26 times, and the Fit has been on the 10Best list every year it’s been offered stateside.

      • RotaryRocket says:

        Honda is green now, but the “soul” is lost. No one can deny that Honda dominated in every way from the late 80s to 1999. Back then, their designs were great with every model in their lineup. The build quality was fantastic and dead reliable. Their VTEC engines were 10 years ahead of everyone else. Their cars were fun to drive and looked good. They were easy to modify, and as a result ushered in the era of the import tuner. The cars were desired by everyone–from a pimply high school kid all the way to a conservative accountant.
        Fast forward to today and what do we have? The singular purpose to green results in BORING cars. The CR-Z is not fun to drive. The Fit is pedestrian at best. The Civic has ridiculous interior design and the only “sporty” car in the lineup. Their whole Acura division is ugly with the bird-beak grille. Yes, Honda, scurry along and build that new NSX. Better yet, come up with a good affordable answer to the FR-S.

      • dave says:

        Don’t get me wrong. Honda is still one of the best out there, and one of a couple of brands I’d consider for my own purchase. But I grew up with Hondas in a time when nearly every vehicle Honda put out was exceptionally good. Nowadays, they’re good, but by no means exceptional. As for green… well, I tried very hard to like the Insight and the CR-Z. And then I found out that the current Insight is dirtier at the tail-pipe than the PZEV SkyActiv Mazda3. That being said, you’re right, the greenest production car on sale in the US is the CNG Civic, and their commitment to keep producing it, along w/ the quasi-availability of the FCX, is impressive. But for their most popular vehicles, the engine technology is far from industry-leading as they once were. It just feels like they’ve become more of a budget-directed company rather than engineering-directed. I really just feel that Honda, for the time being, isn’t as awesome as it used to be…

        • E-AT_me says:

          i agree that they certainly aren’t as awesome as they used to be, ( i own a 91 civic si as a daily and an 86 civic si as a project ) but my wifes 08 fit sport is fun to drive, gets decent fuel economy and doesn’t show any wear for having 90k miles on it. it’s been 100% reliable. it’s not bad at all at an autocross where i managed to beat out 5 S2000’s… though, i’m a pretty decent driver.

  3. yhl says:

    very touching. MAOR V-TEC

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