American Honda's Official 50th Birthday Party

honda_cr-x_50th_anniversaryIn honor of American Honda’s 50th anniversary we’re bringing you bonus Honda coverage this weekend. Yesterday American Honda held a little shindig at their corporate headquarters in Torrance, California. According to eyewitness accounts, there were more two-wheelers than four, and not many nostalgics present.

That’s probably why this little black number is a 1985 Honda CR-X Si caught our eye. Rolling on Mugen CF48s, it’s the car that kicked off the whole Honda tuning scene. We love how Hondas of that era denoted performance trim levels with that thin red line wrapped around the bumpers.

Check out the rest of the cars and bikes in Autoblog‘s gallery.

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  1. qdseeker says:

    SHould have taken my car there…lolol.

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