Amazing Customized Nostalgic Minicars

As we’re waiting impatiently for the Hot Wheels hakosuka to debut next year, here’s something to hold us over until it does. While browsing YJA, John, our resident Datsun 510 freak, spotted this diecast Nissan 510 Bluebird, customized in a way that would haunt our dreams were it real. This minicar is heavily customized, with incredible detail for a 1/64 scale car (equivalent to a Matchbox or Hot Wheels), and it shows in the selling price of ¥17,500 (approx. $209)!

Looking at the seller’s other auctions, we found cars like this insanely demon-cambered Mazda Familia Wagon. This led us to a frenzy of interweb-spelunking in search of customized 1/64 nostalgics which, apparently, is a growing trend.

One of the most prolific masters of minicar modding world is the curator of The World of Cool Mod Minicars blog.

While the seller on YJA seemed to prefer the Tomica Limited Vintage line, this virtuoso has a predilection towards Konami 1/64 scale cars that usually come in blind boxes. I guess one has to find something to do with the doubles.

We are truly astounded by the level of detail placed on these cars. The NGK logo on this KPGC10 Skyline is about as big as a dot you’d make if you pressed a Sharpie against a piece of paper.

Just as impressive are the deadly accurate reproductions of vintage barrels like these deep dish Watanabes, complete with red center caps.

Here’s a Toyota Starlet wearing Hayashi Streets, custom exhaust, and TRD wing. There must be a company making these custom bits.

Just look at the detail of the gold meshies on this MZ11 Soarer!

Building such epic models is no easy task, but if you find that you lack the space/time/money for your fantasy fleet, perhaps you can populate you garage with the 1/64 cars of your dreams.

[komakoma42, World of Cool Mod Minicars via Speedhunters]

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7 Responses to Amazing Customized Nostalgic Minicars

  1. Nigel says:

    I have seen these before he also builds GX61 Toyota models.

  2. Jimbob_racing says:

    I would expect that level of detail in a 1/43 but a 1/64 like that is amazing.

  3. Tyler says:

    +1 rep for use of “spelunking”

    This was a very good post, and now I feel the need to finish up my WIP models and get right to that bosozoku Carina! God knows I can’t afford to drop $200 on a 1/64 car!

  4. y.lee says:

    nice….should put motors in them. 😀

  5. 4AGE KE70 says:

    Is the toys sell worldwide? Because in my country,Brunei,is too rare to own this type of toys. I need to get one of these.

  6. Sarcasmo says:

    I want the lip and rear wing from the orange 510 and the Hako Skyline.

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