The Lexus GS is no more.

Lexus has announced it is ending the GS nameplate. The Grand Sedan is no more. Sales for the luxury sedan have been slow as people move towards crossovers instead. It also spells doom for the wonderful 467-horsepower, naturally aspirated, V8-powered GS F sports sedan. Pour some 5W-30 out for the fallen.


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11 Responses to The Lexus GS is no more.

  1. Mark Newton-John says:

    Not surprised with the demographic shrinking, the economy is falling because of the Kung Flu, not to mention the demise of the Mark X, you just have to cut some product lines.
    Maybe we’ll see an ES-F to take it’s place, since there’s a Camry TRD.
    Why not? Since Gazoo can make a Century GR, why not get some performance from an ES?

    • Iwakuni91 says:

      On a website dedicated to the love of Japanese automobiles, with a co-founder named Ben Hsu, based on the West Coast no less, you decide to go with Kung-flu? Really dude?

      • Wayne Thomas says:

        So, we should impose censorship and social ratings like China as the solution. Hmmmmm, you obviously didn’t think this through. I live in Vietnam now, so don’t try to preach to me like I don’t know authoritarianism.

      • Smitty Baker says:

        Totally agree. Using those kinds of childish names is so unneccesary.

      • Z3P0 says:

        Looks like you do need some preaching. The 1st amendment protects our free speech from the GOVERNMENT. Not from other citizens who have every right to call you out on your stupid bullshit.

        • Damo says:

          China is s state that executes thousands of people a year, including political prisoners. They operate a racist apartheid type regime in some provinces and jail(re-educate) muslims. Since when does China deserve protection from humour?

        • Z3P0 says:

          Right. Criticism, when appropriate, is encouraged. Using names which have, sadly, been used to disparage those of Chinese descent (including those oppressed by the Chinese government), when no one called for it on a car site, is stupid bullshit.

  2. Lupus says:

    I’ve read those rumors some time ago, in an article comparising current GS and ES.
    Economy wins over tradition and enthusiasm.
    It’s esspecially sad to me beacause i’ve jsut latley bought a JZS160, known in Europe & US as Lexus GS300 Mk2. I’m starting to rebadge it to Aristo S300 Vertex Edtion, as it was sold in Japan.
    Pretty decent car, for it’s age and value. They seem to still drop in prices, wheras the LS/Celsior from that era (UCF10/11 & UCF20) are starting to become more & more expensive. On my Middle-Europe car-market they reached the bottom prices about 5-6 years ago. I’m wondering when the JZS platform will reach the bottom and jump up.
    And one more fun-fact from my region: well maintained JZS147 (witch are rare by themself here) are on the same price level as neglected and abused JZS160.

  3. Legacy-san says:

    The GS/Aristo existed because of Japans Toyota Dealership network. The Century and Crown were exclusive to Toyota Store, the LS/Celsior was exclusive to Toyopet Store, the ES/Windom was exclusive to Corolla Store, and the top level cars at Toyota Auto Store/Toyota Vista Store was the Cresta and the Chaser, clones of the Corona Mark II that was exclusive to Toyopet Store as the junior luxury sedan to the Celsior.

    The Aristo/GS was a clone of the Crown, and the dealership network wanted a flagship before Toyota decided to launch Lexus in Japan, which happened in 2008.

  4. mel says:

    Sad news. Car enthusiasts go elsewhere. Lexus has nothing for you anymore.

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