Adrien Brody Drives a StarQuest

Although he has been seen in a black Ferrari California, actor Adrien Brody recently pulled up to the terminal at JFK airport in a Chrysler Conquest. He was spotted by TMZ, who called it a “crappy car” and titled the video “undercover clunker.” Au contraire, douchey cameraman — thank you for proving the point that any dingbat who doesn’t know a camshaft from a cupholder thinks “Oooh, shiny!” whenever they see a prancing horse logo, but only a true aficionado appreciates the brilliance of this turbocharged 80’s GT. Talk about arriving in style.


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14 Responses to Adrien Brody Drives a StarQuest

  1. john m says:

    so true. With all the stars driving horrible priusssess, this is even more of a statement.

  2. Tyler says:

    Exactly why when I’m rich and famous I’m gonna roll around in a brown B210.

  3. Ben Piff says:

    Rad! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a black one before. Perfect 80s-tough color.

  4. slickwrick says:

    the guy who said that should be jailed

  5. TransAmBandit says:

    Yes! If I ever become famous, Im showing up to shows and stuff in JNCs. LOL Someone run those plates!

  6. Hist8ofmind says:

    @Tyler Oh yup I’m with you there except for in a choco brown 77 corolla ; )

  7. TyFc3s says:

    fat bloted ferrari built for california crusing (not racing) or turbo, widebody, 80s goodness….. I’d rather have a StarQuest….

  8. Lincoln Stax says:

    I have no idea who Adrien Brody is, but the fact that he drives a Starquest make me like him.

  9. MusTRD TE27 says:

    Wonder what else he cruises around in? If you have that much money and cruise in a Starion still, you must have some other interesting vehicles… Wish I never sold my Starion 🙁

    • j_c says:

      I read in Intersection magazine he has a Z06 Vette that he picked up at the factory (I think GM let him assemble the engine), some motorbikes, and an H2.

  10. Jim-Bob says:

    This is why if I were rich and famous I would drive something like a Trabant 601 on a regular basis. Why live up to your class stereotype when you can have a little fun by not taking yourself too seriously.

  11. Komeuppance says:

    This is just how cool Starions are. He’s probably got a fleet of them, much like other Starion owners… LOL…

    P.S. Black ones are the fastest. Click my name/link and you’ll see why, haha.


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