Adam Carolla Discusses Datsuns, Toyotas and Mazdas

Purists may balk, but like it or not, Top Gear USA is coming. One of the hosts was revealed to be Adam Carolla, a comic who built his career on making jokes about STDs and hosting shows whose main feature was girls jumping on trampolines. We’re not sure how well this bodes for the Top Gear franchise, but at least we now know that at least two Top Gear hosts own Datsuns.

Carolla owns a BRE replica 510, a race-modified Fairlady Roadster, and his latest acquisition, a ’72 Bob Sharp 610, as reported by Motor Trend. The article also mentions the rest of Carolla’s collection, which consists mostly of high-dollar Euro exotica, and discusses his hatred for his Mazda pickup and why a 200,000-mile ’85 Toyota Supra was the worst car he’s ever owned.

[Motor Trend]

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10 Responses to Adam Carolla Discusses Datsuns, Toyotas and Mazdas

  1. Speedstar says:

    Carolla looks like a young version of Clarkson!

  2. Jeff Brown says:

    That was a great interview. I like the way he thinks. I also like his choice in cars too.

  3. Jeff Brown says:

    What about sending Adam a subscription to JNC, sounds like it is something he could get into.

  4. SrfairladyZ says:

    Nice read. I totally feel the same way on most of his opinions. Like the ugly American interiors, I find them sickening.

  5. Ben says:

    Great idea, Jeff! 🙂

  6. Oyaji Gaijin says:

    Corolla doesn’t fit any of the personality templates that make Top Gear work. Hammond is the kid who wants big scoops and big shiny tail pipes and he has appeal to the teeny bopper girls. May is the old, crotchety pensioner. Clarkson is the prep school educated aristocrat who can communicate with the common people. But, most important, is Clarkson’s wide vocabulary, talent for metaphor and simile, and humorous description. Corolla is an “every man”, more specifically, he comes off like a New Jersey greaser. He can tell you something like the interiors in American cars sucks, but he can’t explain why he thinks that, or put together the description to even illustrate what exactly is ugly about it.

  7. nlpnt says:

    You’d think with his name he’d have Toyotas….

  8. Jeff Brown says:

    I also think doing a spread on his Datsuns would be a great feature for the magazine.

  9. Ken says:

    Oyaji Gaijin nailed it on the head!!! I will give the American Top Gear a chance, but not a big one. The best thing about Top Gear is the British humor. That lovely dry wit will be missing with the American version I fear. I will give it a little bit and then go back to the BBCA version. I pray that they do a good job at translating like they did with ‘The Office’; ‘American Idol’; ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and a bunch of other show we have ripped off from Europe. American TV producers are almost as good at creating new shows as Detroit is good at designing interiors!!!!

  10. Ben says:

    OT: I hope it’s better than the US version of the Office. The UK one was great, but the US one is ridiculous… and jam packed with intra-office romances.

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