Acura anime series “Chiaki’s Journey” has Initial D vibes

Acura has launched its own anime series, titled Chiaki’s Journey. The story features a young driver, a lonely mountain road, a cocky rival, and a gruff father figure that pushes her to hone her driving skills. Sound familiar? It’s like Initial D but every car is an Acura.

Well it’s not entirely like Initial D. Fans expecting a lot of scenes with the Integra Type R will be disappointed. Sadly, there will be no old DC2 taking on GT-Rs, as Takumi’s outdated AE86 did in Shuichi Shigeno’s magnum opus. We do get a driving scenes with a TLX, MDX, and NSX Type S, though.

The creators inserted a lot of Honda lore into the background. In one scene, Chiaki wears a DC2 shirt, for example. Her absent father, presumed to be dead, was an IMSA driver, and part of the action takes place on the Acura-sponsored Long Beach Grand Prix circuit. Chiaki’s uncle’s garage is also decorated with lots of Honda memorabilia from the Tuner Era and prior — signs from GReddy, Hondata, and even the classic Racing Service Center. The animation style is quite good, overall.

Not to be outdone by the multiple Toyota series happening — one official manga, one official anime, one unofficial anime — happening, it appears Acura is setting Chiaki’s Journey up as just the first “season” in a longer series. It ends with a cliffhanger, hinting at a continuation with the new Integra. You can watch all four parts of season one below.

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2 Responses to Acura anime series “Chiaki’s Journey” has Initial D vibes

  1. Darin smith says:

    Hi, they are Really trying to push the new NXS Hard but like I have posted to other venues they made a Big Mistake by not having a TARGA like the 1st gens(For what’s it’s worth and was Trying to help Acura out in hoping Someone would see posts),that one of the reasons they are still Beloved and sought after. You would think when the C8(It’s Crushing and put Supercars on their heels)) came out with not only a targa but hard top convertible that would of Prompted Acura to bring it back especially when it’s costs more and they even did a refresh(Without Targa again)but that’s not really doing a lot in my opinion but what do I know I just sell ‘Hot Wheels’ cars in Alabama.Thanks-Smith’ Hot Wheels guy’ Die cast

  2. Mark F Newton-John says:

    Ugh.English dubs sounding as dumb as GI Joe cartoons. Nihongo for me.

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