A Wonder from Down Under

Our friend toyotageek has the most comprehensive collection of Toyotabilia we’ve ever seen, and it’s all on his blog. We’ve been so busy that we let our visits to his site lapse (sorry!) but recently we were pleasantly surprised and excited to see this post about a display held last month at MegaWeb, Toyota’s enormous showroom in Odaiba, Tokyo.

This year marks Toyota’s 50th year selling cars in the US, but it also been 50 years since the Big T entered the world of motorsports. Yes, half a century ago the boys were sure on the move, and this S30 Crown that ran the Mobilgas Rally in Australia is living proof. The race spanned 19 days and 17,000km (10,557 miles), and probably beat the car to a pulp, which is why the car displayed is a replica. Still, how could you not love a jet black Crown dressed to the nines in race livery and fresh whitewall tires?

Thanks for the tip, toyotageek! [LINK to Post]

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