VIDEO: A Toyota 2000GT, hot woman in a track suit, and GT86 at the Nürburgring

Toyota Swizerland 2000GT Nurburgring 02

Solar Red at the Green Hell. It’s not often you get to see the legendary Toyota 2000GT in motion at all, so it’s even better when it’s at the equally legendary Nürburgring. In this promo video from Toyota Switzerland, we first see Aichi’s finest driving through Germany’s most famous circuit.

Then an inexplicably hot woman is made even hotter by donning a track suit and slipping behind the wheel of a GT86. We’re not sure what’s going on here but we like it. Any German readers care to translate? Watch the video below. 

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21 Responses to VIDEO: A Toyota 2000GT, hot woman in a track suit, and GT86 at the Nürburgring

  1. Parrot says:

    She clearly forgot to put her nomex bra on.

  2. E-AT_me says:

    Racing suit.. but no helmet or gloves?? ugh… why bother with the suit then?!?!

  3. Tj says:

    Anybody else notice the Terratrip (or similar rally clock) in the 2000GT?
    Suggests that it gets used competitively on a regular basis. That’s pretty awesome.

  4. Big Mike Muniz says:

    that proves it! If you’ve got a 2000GT you get the hot chick no matter how old you are! Hahaha!

  5. KacakEmbun says:

    2:31 nice Celica patch on time keeper jacket..:-)

  6. Lukas says:

    Woman: Jürgen, how did I do?
    Man: Janina, a top time! I think we should go for a drink.

    It does not make more sense now, does it?


  7. Nigel says:

    Is it an ad. Or is it a TV show preview ?

  8. Lupus says:

    But that girl is to pretty to be German. She must be form my homeland – Poland. Or at least her parents. Thats for sure. 🙂

  9. John M says:

    Anybody else think of Mach Trigger when it came around the corner?

  10. GEN2TWINCAM says:

    So, both cars are red and badged “Toyota”.
    Those marketing people are such original thinkers.

  11. inline6ness says:

    Anyone else notice when she starts the car the tach doesn’t move? Oops…

  12. cesariojpn says:

    Daddy/Daughter inference?

  13. Brian says:

    Needs less hot girl and more 2000GT!

  14. j3wman says:

    I agree with Brian!

  15. revlimiter says:

    Lack of helmet ruined it for me. I was a human rage comic.


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