VIDEO: @Speed Garage Thailand: The Garage Passion Built

@Speed Garage Thailand

Thailand is a hotbed of nostalgic car activity these days, and @Speed Garage is the perfect example of exactly why that is. From classic Skylines to a race-ready Toyota Starlet, it’s the stuff our most fevered dreams are made of. Although vintage Benzes and an Alfa make appearances, owner and current record holder for coolest name ever published at JNC A-Thummanoon Pornrojanagoon‘s first love is still the Japanese nostalgic cars that harken back to his earliest purchase and, presumably, the one he would “borrow” from dad at the tender age of eight. Watch the inspiring video below.

[Source: XCarFilms]

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11 Responses to VIDEO: @Speed Garage Thailand: The Garage Passion Built

  1. Diego says:

    Wow awesome garage!!

  2. Drive-By says:

    Love, commitment, nuts and bolts forged by passion.

  3. mister k says:

    thai scene is seriously hardcore jdm, but they’re sorta like the japanese and are a bit isolationist

  4. Benjamin says:

    “They are sort of like my children.”

    What a beautiful family. That Starlet looks like trouble; keep an eye on her, Papa-A.

  5. Nigel says:

    An amazing garage !!
    (If I has a Hako, I would listen to it all the time also).

  6. Beans says:

    Awesome vid, very inspiring to say the least!!! Thanks

  7. RXFURY says:

    There is people who say they are car dudes and then there is car dudes that just “Get it”.

    This guy “Gets it”!

  8. raymond pulis says:

    Hi I’m from malta you have a treasure good luck keep collecting japs

  9. jin says:

    You might want to edit the title for the typo.

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