A Honda-themed race track built entirely out of Legos

Honda Australia has created, out of Legos, an entire racetrack populated with Hondas old and new. Called “Mount Hondarama,” it’s a replica of Mount Panorama, also known as Bathurst. While Lego Civic Type Rs race around by radio control, other Hondas dot the landscape, including everything from a Honda lawn mower to a first-gen Civic to the HondaJet.

The diorama is built from 150,000 bricks and took eight builders 650 hours to complete. There’s 350 minifig Lego people scattered throughout the scene. That may seem like a lot, but it’s nothing compared to the 320,000-brick life-sized Civic Type R built last year.

Nevertheless, Mount Hondarama is the more interesting one to look at. Our favorite part is the gallery that contains a first-gen Civic, Prelude, S2000, Integra Type R, and original NSX.

Okay, so maybe you have to squint to see the resemblance in some of these cars, but at least the NSX is actually pretty good. The build was undertaken to commemorate the Civic Type R’s lap record for a front-wheel-drive car arond Mount Panorama, set last year by F1 driver Jensen Button.

Honda’s original plan was to ahve display to tour the country. That schedule has been shelved for now due to the coronavirus, so these images and videos will have to do for now.

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