A Gaijin Looks at Japanese Modding Culture

We get so used to concepts like takeyari and tsurikawa it’s easy to forget that for some, it’s a mind-blowing world. Here’s a look at AOL Translogic’s tour of Japanese modding culture.

[via Autoblog]

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7 Responses to A Gaijin Looks at Japanese Modding Culture

  1. matt says:

    sooo, he’s going to “drive” a scooter?

  2. Tyler says:

    Someone just posted that on Michigan VW and look what comments I get:

    [QUOTE=Capcrnch;729844]Tyler.. Hope you have the lotion ready before you watch.[/QUOTE]

    lmao! But, it’s true.

  3. Jun says:

    I’ve been in Osaka the past few days and saw a few zokusha blasting down the Hanshin Expressway…lovin’ it! 🙂

    On my way to the Odaiba swap meet on Saturday, should probably see a few more then!

  4. kingtoy says:

    I so love those vans. 🙂

  5. Jimbob_racing says:

    Oh, that is awesome. Please keep the links to new episodes coming.

  6. Sarcasmo says:

    The pipes coming from the back seat is just stupid. FAIL

  7. ae_rj says:

    @Sarcasmo = fail 😉

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