Happy 929 Day from JNC

It’s September 29, which means it’s time to honor the plushest Hiroshima sedan ever built. Even when it’s on the road it feels like it’s sailing along calm waterways. Happy 9/29 Day from JNC!

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5 Responses to Happy 929 Day from JNC

  1. Jim Simspson says:

    As a reminder the concept car I built in 1992 for Nardi’s 60th anniversary was built on a pre production Mazda 929 chassis, that was shortened 12 1/8 ” and converted to a 5 speed gear box. happy to send you guys pics but need an appropriate email address.

  2. Martin Kočka says:

    I wish to my fellow 929 owners more great moments and memories behind the steering wheel of their cars.

  3. MadGadget says:

    I remember in early 90’s travelling to the Gold Coast from Brisbane in my 76 Celica at our usual high speed as the now outlawed radar detector was keeping me happy. A recent 929 loomed in front and for some reason the driver decided that a old car should not be passing a nice new 929. From that point the driver sped up and I kept with him. My mate was pissing himself with laughter and the rather large 929 kept piling on the numbers. It was only after we got to the other aside of 200 that the 929 backed off. Was a fun night.

  4. Mark Newton-John says:

    That’s only 124 mph folks…

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