MSN UK picks Top 50 Japanese Cars

MSN UK Picks Top 50 Japanese Cars: So another media outlet tackles the question of the top Japanese cars of all time. Since it was a British outlet, we’ll go with the 1965 Daihatsu Compagno, which was apparently the first Japanese car imported to the UK. There seem to be some, uh, glaring absences. No mention of the hakosuka Skyline, Mazda RX-3, AE86, and such. See for yourself.

Hat tip to cappo.

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4 Responses to MSN UK picks Top 50 Japanese Cars

  1. mister k says:

    this list falls apart after celica mk1

  2. banpei says:

    Weird: they mix serveral markets… They show the older Japanese cars (like the first Skyline), the US infinity brand and some UK cars… But I don’t really see a good line in this top 50. Also: where is the Toyota Crown? And what about the Isuzu Bellet?
    Apart from that it is a nice lineup which also takes into consideration the newer cars. 🙂

    Also found two mistakes in their pictures:
    nr 22: 1983 CRX. Showing: a picture of the second generation CRX
    nr 28: Nissan Skyline GT-R R32. Showing: a picture of the 4 door GTS-4

  3. Benson says:

    What the heck was that?

    MSN has no idea what they’re doing… the S800 better than the S600? Why is Honda dominating the list? Love the addition of the Century though. And the Prince Skyline… COME ON!

    Also… where is the Mark II/Cresta/Chaser? 😛

  4. Alan says:

    More evidence that non-car people writing to an audience of people with at best a casual interest in cars produces utter crap. Witness Car and Driver.

    Confused by multiple appearances of the EVO, which are all wonderful cars but essentially the same concept further refined each generation. Multiple markets also odd. The 3000GT was a pig, they even admit as much after placing it on a list of “greatest”.

    They nailed #24 though, to paraphrase “the first of three was the best”

    – an obsessed AW11 owner

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