92-year-old man buys 32nd Nissan from the same dealer

Peter Butler Datsun 120Y B210 Sunny

Peter Butler loves Nissans. The 92-year-old man from Somerset County in the UK has just bought his 32nd Nissan from the same dealer, where he’s been a customer for 41 years. 

Peter Butler Datsun Cherry

In an interview with The Daily Mail, the former Royal Air Force pilot said, “A lot of people ask why I’ve bought so many Nissans and I tell them, why change when you have something which satisfies you. I know the cars won’t let me down.”

Peter Butler Nissan dealership

It all started when Butler bought his first Datsun Cherry from Howard Motors in 1974, for the price of £3,750. “We literally stopped in our tracks,” said Butler in reference to what was probably a rather unusual opinion for the time, “I went and bought it because we liked the look of it.”

Peter Butler Nissan Sunny B310

“I bought that car for my wife and then a few months later I bought myself a Sunny as the Cherry was so reliable.” Butler says that the only one of his nearly three dozen Nissans to ever gave him a problem was a Sunny whose gearshift came off in his hands while driving through a roundabout.

Peter Butler Nissan PrimeraPeter Butler Nissan S12 Silvia

According to the article, Butler has owned one of every Nissan model ever made, but that seems rather unlikely. We’d love to see Butler reward himself with a GT-R, though.

Peter Butler Nissan Micra MarchPeter Butler Nissan Micra

Still, there’s no denying the man’s dedication. How many people can say they’ve owned 32 cars of any marque, much less the same one?

Source: The Daily Mail

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11 Responses to 92-year-old man buys 32nd Nissan from the same dealer

  1. Zak says:

    Maybe its all the Nissan’s made in the UK since he started buying them?

  2. Jesse Risk says:

    but this guy is seriously baller, rocking a Gazelle!

  3. Styles says:

    P11 Primera, one of the BEST cars that Nissan has ever made, probably second only to the U13 Bluebird in my opinion.

  4. inline6ness says:

    Nissan’s are so reliable he had to buy 32 of them in 40 years…

  5. Shane_lxi says:

    As someone who has owned 16+ s13’s, I know the feels 🙂

  6. Juppe says:

    “I know the cars won’t let me down.”

    Well yes, if you sell them at an average age of 1.3 years…

  7. John M says:

    Sounds like he has had more models than Leonardo Dicaprio, but it is still hard to believe that he has had all of them. Either way it would be interesting to see the list.

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