Toyota: Building Trust Despite Rust?

tacoma.jpgA lot of our readers have Japanese trucks that they use as daily drivers, workhorses, or parts haulers, so this item may be of interest to some of you. 813,000 Toyota Tacoma pickups were built between 1995-2000, and some of those trucks have experienced excessive frame corrosion. As old Japanese car owners, we are sadly all too familiar with the the dreaded oxide scourge. We’re also poor. But, Toyota’s gonna do you guys a solid and give these Tacoma owners a 15-year warranty protecting against the red cancer, and if your truck has already succumbed to the illness, they’ll even repair it for free or buy it back at “excellent” value no matter what the condition is in. Now, if they would only do the same for our 1970s Celicas and Corollas.

[Toyota Open Road Blog]

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2 Responses to Toyota: Building Trust Despite Rust?

  1. Bob says:

    Yeah, older Japanese cars seem to rust a lot worse than their US counterparts. Sucks. As for newer Tacomas rotting, that’s really crappy. I am impressed by their willingness to take care of it though, few automakers would do that.

  2. Ando says:

    Ahhh the beauty of living in Texas………

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