KIDNEY, ANYONE? 59k-mile Subaru Loyale Wagon

1994 Subaru Loyale 01

The EA82 Loyale was Fuji Heavy Industries’ flagship model until it was dethroned by the Subaru Legacy. The particular example offered for sale in Cadillac, Michigan is without a doubt the best example of an EA82 we’ve seen stateside, and it isn’t just a base model DL either. With only 59,000 miles on the clock, it would take copious amounts of trail hooning to arrive at the condition most EA82s are found in, but who could do that with such a pristine example of the biggest unsung hero of the Pleiades badge?

1994 Subaru Loyale 02

I know personally just how loveable these boxy cars can be, as I own a 1986 Subaru GL-10, but they can be full of traps for unsuspecting JNCers too. Generally, most EA82s for sale today are either made of rust, have blown engines, or have been beaten into the ground. The red cancer is a common trend on classic Japanese cars, but a Toyota Stout will last twice as long in the salt as these do.

If you do manage to find one without rust, the next thing to check for is oil and coolant leaks. The average head gasket life is around 80,000 miles, and that can be cut in half for GL-10 Turbo models. If not well maintained, these cars spill their fluids on to the road like ritualistic seppuku.

1994 Subaru Loyale 14

That can largely be a result of basing this engine directly off of the old 1.6L EA71 pushrod engines from the 1970s, but luckily this Loyale for sale has the most reliable engine of the bunch, the SPFI (Single Point Fuel Injection) version. The transmission is also correct, with an On-Demand 4WD 5-speed instead of a 3-speed automatic slowly killing itself over the stresses of 90 rampaging horses.

Naturally, if you’re into swapping engines, this is a great platform. Modern EJ series engines bolt in, and MacGyver might be able to squeeze a flat-six into it. In a chassis that weighs in at only 2,200 lbs, that’s a Fuji that’s not very heavy.

1994 Subaru Loyale 12

The body on this particular car is phenomenal for any vehicle of this vintage, but given that it’s an early Subaru, its condition is even more unbelievable. The Loyale did away with many of the earlier cars’ trim pieces that led to premature rusting.

1994 Subaru Loyale 04

The undercarriage hasn’t been pictured, but from what we can see there’s no rust on the control arms and barely any on the factory exhaust. The control arms on pre-Legacy Subarus were very poorly rustproofed, and bushings could prove to be an issue as well. An OEM exhaust in this good a condition is unicorn-like in its rarity.

Rare options like the bug guard and spoiler of questionable aerodynamic assistance are present here too, along with the optional roof rack as well. With extremely long trunk lift supports that still function, you can even go out for a picnic without sustaining a concussion. Maybe the optional cargo cover will keep you from getting robbed or having your food fester in the fishbowl of un-tinted windows on your way there.

1994 Subaru Loyale 07

My favorite option on this car is the mudflaps. Starting in the early 80s, Subaru would match the color of the lettering to the car: white “4WD” on GLs and Loyales, pink “4WD” on GL-10s to match the pink “TURBO” decals on the doors.

1994 Subaru Loyale 06

If the wheels seem small, it is partially because of their 13-inch diameter, but mostly due to the absolutely absurd 4×140 lug pattern. Having the lugnuts sit nearly half a foot a part from each other does make sourcing aftermarket wheels difficult. Luckily, a number of adapters and modifications are available to swap these from anywhere from 5×100 to 6×137, making wheels of modern size an option. But who would want to get rid of those gorgeous alloy meshies, which are presumably OEM optional?

1994 Subaru Loyale 09

Personally, I find the older GL interiors more appealing than the Loyale’s, but you cannot discount how well this has been maintained, and Loyale cabins were probably a lot more durable to the elements.

1994 Subaru Loyale 13

By this time, the quirky options such as a trip computer, alarm clock, pneumatic ride control and the digital dashboard had gone by the wayside. However, the double-DIN premium Subaru stereo stayed. On-Demand 4-Wheel-Drive was a must. Power locks and windows were always available on these as well, and there was even an option for a key fob as early as 1987.

1994 Subaru Loyale 10

A classic Subaru enthusiast would also notice no trace of rust bubbling on the B-Pillar either, one of the bizarre rust-prone locations on this chassis. The sheepskin seat covers look like the leftovers from when grandma had the car, but at least they defend the seats from 20 years of denim, snow, dirt and UV rays.

A completely unmolested classic Subaru wagon would be a perfect addition for your family of Japanese nostalgic cars. You could take it out camping, on trails, or to classic car shows. It is currently offered for sale on this website for $7,500. We hope to see it at a Subaru meet this summer.

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5 Responses to KIDNEY, ANYONE? 59k-mile Subaru Loyale Wagon

  1. MikeRL411 says:

    Thos wheels look very much like thr foged Infiniti option! Look into the rims and see if there is a “Forged” add on! Much stronger than the cast variety!

  2. Sammy says:

    It does look nice. I’m not sure it looks $7500.00 nice. But, if someone is willing to pay it, great. The Subarus just don’t seem as collectable as the other JNC’s like Datsun, Toyota and Honda. Just like when there were sold, most of the people who really want ’em, want to use ’em and don’t care if there’s a little rust or a scratch.

  3. Greylopht says:

    Love it, got three.. But the odd thing is. The cluster. I have seen many many clusters over the years, and always speedo with temp and fuel. Or speedo with tach and the full monty including Oil PSI and Voltage.

    That is the first time I have seen one in that configuration. But it is a late series car being a 93. Little bit more cost cutting? But the platform did soldier on through the first Generation of the Legacy.

    I am also 100% with you on the pre 87 interior. Headlights and wipers belong on the dash.

  4. Guillermo Wilson Torrejon (CHILE) says:

    Hello. we are in 2022. Some water has passed under the bridge.
    Nice car.
    At this moment I am recovering my SUBARU LOYALE EA82 year 1993. Rust on the front of the hood, on the skirting boards, on the upper part of the roof. All controlled now. Use WURTH Rust Killer. Excellent.

    I want to ask you a favor. Could you send me photos with details of the roof rack that your car has. I’m from Chile and I want to put a roof rack on my subaru. I will do it myself and I need a picture of the connection to the ceiling. My subaru does not have any handle to place it. grateful in advance. Sorry, use translate to write in English.

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