Happy Bosses Drive Super 6s!

We know by our hits that the vast majority of you are reading this when you should be working hard. Fine by us! In fact, if your boss is kind of a hardass, then perhaps a Prince Gloria Super 6 will turn him into a more likable guy. After all, this car did usher in age of the straight six luxury sedans, prompting Toyota and Nissan (not yet merged with Prince) to create their own inline six-powered Crowns and Cedrics. Seeing as how this is 1964, however, the ad fades instantly and without irony from the bossman taking a swig of brandy to footage of him rowing his column shifter in Japan’s first overhead cam six with a goofy grin on his face, probably somewhere near the sedan’s 96mph top speed. Now quick, get back to work, there’s footsteps behind you!

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