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Let’s say you’ve trekked all the way to Japan, have found your way to the Super Autobacs in Tokyo Bay, and after spending a good few hours in their wondrously well stocked book and video shop, you stumble to the checkout with armfuls of obscure, only-in-Japan books and DVDs, and triumphantly dump it all on the counter with a contented sigh.

The bespectacled gentleman behind the counter genially asks you where you are from, and when you say you’re from Australia, he hands you a card…”We have an English-language webstore and we ship overseas, too”.

Well, knock me over with a feather.

As far as I know, Lindbergh is the bookstore that runs the book/dvd section of the Autobacs. And while they don’t have everything at their store catalogued on the website, there is still enough to do some seriously irreparable damage to your credit card.

Here’s some choice picks:

SKYLINE GT-R -The Track of 49 Straight Wins


This DVD review on the race record of the glory that the 49 successive
victories. Nostalgic ‘Hakosuka'(C10 type, 1968-1972) revives in the race and the real car of the in existence.


The Birth of Legend
1969.5.3 JAF Grand Prix -Debut-
1969.10.10 6th Japan Grand Prix -7th win-
1970.5.3 JAF Grand Prix -19th win-
1971.5.3 7th Japan Grand Prix -41th win-
1971.10.10 Fuji Masters 250 km -49th win-


Development History of GT-R
Prince R380 (1966.5.3 3rd Japan Grand Prix)
Final Win -50th win- (1972.3.20 Fuji 300 km)
Running image 2000-GTR (existing car)

Shinichi Sakurai (S & S Engineering) and Kunimitsu Takahashi (Team

Nostalgic Hero Extra Edition Fairlady Z & Fairlady



Photo Selection (Fairlady 240ZG, Fairlady 2000)
Yutaka Katayama Hot Interview
S30 1972 Fairlady 240ZG
1973 Fairlady 240ZG
1972 Fairlady 240ZG
1972 Fairlady Z432R
1969 Fairlady Z432R
1973 Fairlady Z432
1973 Fairlady Z432
1972 Fairlady Z432
1972 Fairlady Z432
1972 Fairlady Z-L
1972 Fairlady Z-L
SP/SR 1967 Fairlady 2000
1968 Fairlady 2000
1968 Fairlady 2000
1967 Fairlady 2000
1969 Fairlady 2000
1965 Fairlady 1600
1964 Fairlady 1500

Best Motoring Platinum Series Vol.15 DVD

Skyline vs Rotary


”in Circuit”
1. R32GT-R vs RX-7 type RZ vs RX-7 type R(I) in Tsukuba Circuit
2. R33GT-R vs RX-7 type RZ vs RX-7 type RS(IV) in Tsukuba Circuit
3. RX-8 in Laguna Seca -Driver: Motoharu Kurosawa
4. V35 Skyline Coupe 350GT vs RX-8 in Tsukuba Circuit

”History of Rivals”
1. Hakosuka GT-R (Motoharu Kurosawa) vs Savanna RX-3 (Yoshimi Katayama)
2. DR30 vs SA22C Impression
3. R31 GTS-R vs FC3S Impression
4. Development Story of Skyline & RX-7 part.1
5. R32 GT-R Impression
6. Development Story of Skyline & RX-7 part.2
7. R33 GT-R Impression
8. FD3S type 1 Impression
9. Development Story of Skyline & RX-7 part.3
10. R34 GT-R VspecII in Nurburgring and Tsukuba Circuit

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2 Responses to Need your fix of JDM Books and Videos?

  1. Jnostalgics says:

    Holy cow, last time we were at Lindbergh in Jan 2007 we talked to the same guy. When we said we were from the US, he mentioned some Australians had come by too!

  2. Kev says:

    Haha….yeah in Jan 07 there was a busload of Australians who were doing a “JDM Tour”. They spent a couple of days at the Tokyo Autosalon, they visited a few tuners and shops, and at night the whole bus would be found at Daikoku Futo.

    I ran into these Aussies at Crystal Auto, which is a tuner shop in Chiba. A bus pulls up outside, the next thing I know, I’m surrounded by Australian voices, lots of credit cards are waved and about 30mins later the bus leaves and Crystal Auto is picked clean 🙂

    Looks like they might have made a pit stop at the Autobacs!

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