VIDEO: This Datsun Z’s first wash in 44 years is extremely satisfying to watch

Barn finds are great, especially if the car in question has only 350 miles on it. Not so great is the cleaning process required to wash a car that has been sitting for 44 years. The original owner of a Datsun 280Z ran into financial troubles while making some small fixes to his then-new Z, hadn’t even reached its 500-mile initial oil change yet. The car sat, disassembled, for four and a half decades until a new owner acquired it. The first task, though, was to clean it.

The process was time-consuming, but if you’ve seen other AMMO NYC videos, you know that this is child’s play for the car detailing specialists. And, after the thorough bath had taken place, there was an amazingly pristine Z under it all. It’s neat to see all the factory-new tags and other bits that usually get lost over the years. Sadly, it was purchased by a flipper, but hopefully this video will make your next barn find project a bit less daunting.

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3 Responses to VIDEO: This Datsun Z’s first wash in 44 years is extremely satisfying to watch

  1. Ian N says:

    Oh – those atrocious bumpers… Spoilt it!

  2. Nancy DIss says:

    I started with her 280 Z and went to a 300 Z then 300 ZX and then 350Z Touring convertible with extras

  3. speedie says:

    I’ve been watching AMMO for a number of years. I liked him better when he first started out before he started peddling his own products. The video is interesting but it struck me as more a showcase of his products than a restoration. They use the term “barn find” but this car was obviously stored in a fairly stable temperature and moisture controlled environment. It is not a barn find but a really well stored car.

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