2nd Annual SoCalROC BBQ


On Sunday the Southern California Datsun Roadster Owners Club held their 2nd annual spring BBQ to kick of the top-down season with some good food and good company.  To the rogue Roadster owner I saw heading the opposite way on my drive down to Riverside, if you’re reading this, don’t forget to register for the 22nd Annual Datsun Roadster Classic being held 4/24 – 4/25 in Solvang, CA.  Past show coverage here: 2007, 2008

Special thanks go out to the Breyer’s for hosting this gathering, and for even allowing a Cressida wagon to join in on the fun!








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6 Responses to 2nd Annual SoCalROC BBQ

  1. colink says:

    Beautifull enough said

  2. tony says:

    payphone sine on garage. wtf?

  3. 31gun says:

    The SR conversion would be a snappy little beast!
    What do they weigh? 7-800kg?


  4. 4AGE KE70 says:

    Nice! All the Dat-sters are clean and slick,except one of it doesn’t have a rear bumpers. Respect for the SR20! The rarest of all.

  5. Fairlady66 says:

    Talk about not proff reading… Geez! Let’s try this one :o)

    The payphone sign in the garage is part of the decore. Yes there is a working phone under it. The garage is set up with a Nostalgic theme.

  6. fj20spl311 says:

    4AGE KE70 Says: Nice! All the Dat-sters are clean and slick,except one of it doesn’t have a rear bumpers.

    That’s my 67.5 with out bumper. They were at the shop being rechromed. I installed the front tonight and rear will be going on tomorrow in prep for Solvang.

    BTW, she has a FJ20 “DR30 skyline JDM” motor.

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