JNC Touge California 2016: A Call for Entries


Last year, JNC presented the inaugural Touge California, a vintage auto rally exclusively for classic Japanese cars. Touge means “mountain pass” in Japan, where peaks and canyons comprise 70 percent of the nation’s land. The goal of JNC Touge California was provide owners of Japanese classics with the experience of driving, as faithfully as possible in America, the types of roads on which their cars were born and forged. 

049_Touge California Nissan Skyline C10 Hakosuka

Last year’s event was a trial run. We extended private invitations to a select group of drivers for a 120-mile adventure through the Santa Monica Mountains north of Los Angeles, traversing a course that was both scenic to behold and thrilling to drive. The response to this first-of-its-kind rally was overwhelming. Participants raved (one called it the best automotive event in which he had ever participated) and afterwards we heard from countless enthusiasts in the JNC community that wanted to be part of the Touge California story.

We listened.

JNC Touge California returns on Saturday, April 2nd, 2016 and this time we’re opening the event to entries from the public. We’re looking for 25 exemplary Japanese nostalgic cars to tackle a 200-mile course that will cover of some of the most picturesque terrain and pulse-quickening drivers’ roads in southern California.

147_Touge CaliforniaToyota TE27 Sprinter Trueno

  • April 2nd, 2016
  • Pre-1980 vehicles only, though continuation models (i.e., FB RX-7s through 1985) will be considered.
  • Both stock and modified cars are welcome. However, we’re seeking excellent examples of the breed.  Entrants must be clean, undamaged cars (no mismatched body panels, primer, or rust) that represent the emergence of Japanese marques as world-class automobiles.
  • The route will not be revealed until the day of, but will take place over 200 miles of mountain roads in San Diego and Orange counties. As per tradition, automaker collections will be on display.
  • Application is not guarantee of entry. We are looking for a range of makes and models and have only 25 spots. Early registration will be taken into consideration. Deadline for entries is March 1st. All applications will undergo a selection process; we will notify accepted entries no later than March 8th.
  • The cost will be $60, which includes a gift bag and meals.

For those with 1980-or-later cars, stay tuned for an announcement later this year.

Here is what last year’s event was like. JNC Touge California 2016 will be an unforgettable experience, and we hope you can be a part of it!


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    *Please use the number of the phone you will have with you on the day of the event.

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    *Please use the number of the phone you will have with you on the day of the event.


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    053_Touge California Datsun 510 Bluebird

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    18 Responses to JNC Touge California 2016: A Call for Entries

    1. Adam says:

      1980 and earlier. I’m not crying inconsolably at all or anything.

      • Ben Hsu says:

        We’ll have an announcement soon for 1980 and newer cars. Stay tuned!

        • Davis Adams says:

          Heya, Ben.

          Davis @ Honda PR here. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to participate in the vintage car race, but let me know when you do something with newer models. I have a 2009 S2000 CR in mint condition ready to roll!

        • Ben Hsu says:

          Hey Davis,

          That’s too bad! Maybe you can pull out a car next year. It’s not a race, if that’s what’s stopping you though. It’s more of a rally/driving tour. I’ll definitely keep you posted on our upcoming events, though!

    2. Andrew says:

      This looks amazing. Sadly my car is a little too 80’s and I’m a full day’s drive away. I can’t wait to see the write up!

    3. SHC says:

      If only my ’67 vintage racer S800 were street legal I’d be all over this event.

    4. UCHE FC3S says:

      Super cool, really want to submit my FC for this, having trouble uploading images to the application from work, will do when I get home.

    5. Geoff Danielson says:

      Submitted the old iron banana!

    6. YaBoyYeti says:

      what about scions as they are a dying breed?

    7. UNKNOWNvSOLDIER says:

      Hopefully next year my Datsun 210 may be ready for a cross country journey and good enough to participate in this.

    8. Sung says:

      Sounds like a cool event. Looking forward to the pics

    9. Cory says:

      Neat looking event, let me know when my ’89 BNR32 would be welcome and I’d take it cross-country to participate!

    10. Marc oliver says:

      I have a 1980 Subaru. It was Subarus year to “come out of the closet and be recognised” sort of speak with their newer bigger model. To help promote, They took 100 sedan GL models and painted them all black with gold stripping, luggage racks, fog lights, special stereos and then they badged them up. SCC 1 of 100 on the truck with the specific number inside on the car dash. Mine is #67. The family bought it off of the showroom floor. Problems today are the car has been bounced around with different mechanics and needs some serious TLC with someone who knows what they are doing. Right now there are too many vacuum lines that may be incorrectly plugged, damaged or misrouted that causes excess sputtering and loss of power. While we would love to be considered for the event, the Sub may not have it under the hood for mountanous expeditions. If we can get help in time, We are there. We are in Long Beach if anyone can help us in the right direction. 562.882.3409

    11. Bill Wilkman says:

      My oldest Japanese car is a 1983 Honda Accord, so I won’t be entering the rally. I would, however, be interested in being at the Mazda headquarters when the cars complete the rally. What would be a good time to be at the finish?

      • Ben Hsu says:

        Hi Bill,

        Sorry but this year the dinner and tour at Mazda is limited to those who participated in the rally. The good news is, your car is eligible for a pre-1989 rally that we will put on in late August.

    12. Andrew says:

      Would you be able to tell us where the initial meet-up is going to be held? Although my Corolla isn’t ready for this year’s event, I’d still like to stop by, check out the cars and take some pictures of the grid and when you all take off.

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