MINICARS: 2016 Hot Wheels X JNC Datsun 620 Car Culture series

1492_Hot Wheels Car Culture Trucks Datsun 620

Today is 6/20. And as it happens we received the latest pre-production Hot Wheels samples at the doorstep of JNC HQ, and it’s is none other than the Datsun 620. 

1497_Hot Wheels Car Culture Trucks Datsun 620

This is the latest in the Car Culture premium series, which focuses on trucks. With this being a premium, it comes with “real rider’ rubber tires and a metal base — a first for this casting.

1493_Hot Wheels Car Culture Trucks Datsun 620

If that wasn’t enough, what really surprised us was the use of metallic tampos and very finely detailed gold striping. The metallic blue is beautifully subtle against a solid turquoise is quite striking.

1495_Hot Wheels Car Culture Trucks Datsun 620

Scalloped graphics, a slanted “620” and class lettering on the door signify this truck as a salt flat racer. To drive the point home, it’s equipped with Moon disc wheels. It actually complements the Heritage series Datsun 240Z.

1496_Hot Wheels Car Culture Trucks Datsun 620

We are again honored that the JNC inkan graces the flanks of the 620, this time in gold. A stylized “Datsun” logo outlined in gold appears on the bed, rounding out a gorgeous livery.

1498_Hot Wheels Car Culture Trucks Datsun 620

This marks the fourth Datsun 620 to feature the JNC inkan, starting with the original release orange, K-Day blue, and regular issue recolor in red.

1499_Hot Wheels Car Culture Trucks Datsun 620

For a complete list of JNC inkan’d Hot Wheels, see the list below. Happy 620 Day from JNC!

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8 Responses to MINICARS: 2016 Hot Wheels X JNC Datsun 620 Car Culture series

  1. Steve says:

    So, exactly where does Hot Wheels sell these premium models? Are they only sold through their Redline Club? I have never seen any of these in the usual places such as Walmart, ToysRUs, Target, or supermarket toy sections. Nobody seems to carry any of the metal chassis Hot Wheels any more…

    • G.M says:

      They sell the Real Riders at Walmarts for sure. They are the ones that cost $3+, as apposed to the $.99. Usually black & blue cards, with same image….a mag/torque wheel with “REAL RIDERS” written on the sidewall.

  2. Nigel says:

    Reminds me of a certain white salt racing 620 I have seen.

  3. James says:

    This one looks great! Will definitely be trying to find it. Love the colors, decos, and wheels. It’s pretty much perfect; just wish they’d paint the headlights, tail lights, and “Datsun” on the tail.

  4. goodshow_aa says:

    you dont have the yellow or the green 620?
    or the two different multipack brown and tan ones? Or the white with blue and red one from the walmart truck series?

    I wish they would make one with a camper shell on it.

  5. shifty says:

    So where is the Datsun roadster Hot Wheel? Any idea if it is coming?

  6. JovaTecH says:

    And the TE72 Corolla!?

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