VIDEO: 2016 Cannonball Festival

Cannonball Festival Mazda RX3

Though billed as a music festival for greasers and rockabilly types, the Cannonball Festival includes an impressive car and motorcycle show as well. The show is held on opposite ends of the country, Hiroshima and Chiba, and draws a wide array of bosozoku bikes and sleds — including one of our favorites the “Charlie Brown” Mazdas inspired by the touring Savanna RX-3s of Yoshimi Katayama

Many of the other cars in the video may look familiar from our coverage of the New Year Meeting, but it’s nonetheless exciting to watch as cameras float over them in all their full-color glory.

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3 Responses to VIDEO: 2016 Cannonball Festival

  1. JW says:

    You have to wonder if the car culture there was really dying, or if it was just taking a pause due to the economy. This isn’t “our” style, but it does look alive and well.

  2. Gerka says:

    Well that looked amazing. I wanna go

  3. Kieron says:

    The video has been removed 🙁

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