2015: The JNC Year in Review

JNC 2015

With 2015 in the books, we thought it might be a chance to look at the highlights from the world of JNC

Our most-read series included the Top 5 video games featuring JNCs, three-part series about Owning a Classic Skyline in Japan, and the epic Parking in Japan trilogy.

Our grandest tours included an excursion to the Onsens of Yamagata Prefecture, a Sunday drive through Miura Hanto, and a crashing the Monterey Historics in a couple of old Datsuns.

The most frequently asked questions we helped answer included how Subaru become masters of AWD  and why Mazda named their sports cars “Savanna”.

Popular featured cars included the Datsun Baby restored by Nissan, a track-prepped 10,000rpm Honda T360, the Ibarra Bros’ collection of immaculate rotaries, the private collection of Mazda North America, and, not surprisingly, Sung Kang’s Fugu Z.

The Kidney Cars that you were most fond of included a mint Eagle Talon TSi AWD, EF Honda Civic, a 14,500-mile AE86, a Fairlady Z432 that went up for auction and what was purported to be (but is likely not) the world’s first Toyota 2000GT.

The events that JNC readers were most interested in were the Mooneyes Street Car Nationals, Toyotafest, AE86 NightsNissan JamNew Year’s Meeting, Japanese Classic Car Show, the two-day 50th anniversary of the Toyota Sports 800 celebration in Japan and the Tokyo Cars & Coffee when Akio Toyoda showed up.

Support for the aftermarket continued to grow. The S30 Z led the way with a complete FRP S30 body and the Rocket Bunny Pandem widebody kit. Many JNC readers were also interested in the new RS Watanabe Toyota Works replicas and our peek behind the scenes at LAX Wheel Refinishing.

We welcomed several landmark cars into the 25 Year Club, including the Mazd Eunos CosmoMitsubishi GTO, Z32 Nissan 300ZX, Mitsubishi Eclipse, and Acura NSX.

On the other hand, we were saddened to bid farewell to influential and beloved cars, concepts and people.

Japanese automakers returned to form with both new debuts steeped in history — such as the Honda S660 and Mazda ND Miata — and heritage concepts that point to a bright future — like the Honda 2&4, Acura NSXToyota S-FR, Yamaha Sports Ride, and the stunning Mazda RX-Vision. In fact, it seems as if Japan is returning to sports cars en force.

SanMamiya X JNC HWs at Fuji

2015 was also a pivotal year for JNC, the site. We were thrilled to add the talented San Mamiya as our official artist. You can buy his artwork here.

Our inaugural JNC Touge California, a road rally designed especially for chrome-bumpered Japanese cars, was a huge success. We are on track to hold another one in April 2016, so look for an announcement soon.

And lastly, our most popular article for the entire year was the announcement of the Hot Wheels Japan Historics line, a premium line of diecast cars that will feature the red JNC inkan on all its cars. We hope you will join us for what promises to be a great 2016!

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12 Responses to 2015: The JNC Year in Review

  1. Nigel says:

    Happy 2016 JNC !! (Hope 2016 is as great as 2015). The San Mamiya print is on the wall by my bench.

  2. Scotty G says:

    Every single day at JNC is a greatest-hits, I don’t know how you could possibly choose! But, thanks for including the how Subaru-became-masters-of-AWD link again, that is my fave. And, of course, the Japanese Classic Car Show coverage was fantastic, especially for those of us in the tundra (Midwest – US) who couldn’t attend but have locked it into our mental calendars for upcoming years. But, again, it’s like choosing a favorite child.
    Best Wishes for 2016 to all; I’m looking forward to the JNC ride this year!

  3. Myron Vernis says:

    Thanks for the fantastic recap; 2015 was truly a banner year! Looking forward to even more great things in 2016.

  4. Ant says:

    Some fantastic content – 2015 was the year that JNC became a site I visit pretty much every day. Worth it for the Grand Touring pieces alone (I live and breathe road trips) which are beautifully written and wonderfully photographed. Definitely more of those in 2016, I hope!

    Of the new cars, I’m on the edge of my seat hoping Toyota puts the S-FR into production this year. Of all the cars and concepts that debuted in 2015, it was my favourite by quite a margin. In spirit, it’s probably closer than anything else to a modern-day JNC.

  5. Grant says:

    Great stuff but there was one omission in my book: No feature on all the fabulous mint cars in the new show The Man in the High Castle. A brand new (for the time) Toyopet Crown as a taxi cab in San Francisco? Cmon, lets see some press!

  6. Censport says:

    2015 was definitely a great year for JNC, and I’m very fortunate to have been a part of it. Looking back, I remember the group photo we took in the lunch room at TMS. I was (and remain) in awe of the talent pool which creates JNC. The writers, the photographers, and now San Mamiya with his amazing artwork.

    2016 promises to be awesome.

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