2014 JCCS, a hint of what’s to come


It was an astounding show. This shot — taken from the safari rack on the roof of Isuzugeek Bart‘s Trooper, which he drove all the way down from Reno, Nevada — is just a small sampling. We’ll have more this week.

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9 Responses to 2014 JCCS, a hint of what’s to come

  1. Nigel says:

    This year being the tenth anniversary of JCCS, I figure it was an amazing show !

  2. Bart says:

    Great teaser photo, Ben! It was a fantastic day full of fantastic vehicles!

  3. Pete240z says:

    I was there. Totally pumped. Still wondering why Nissan didn’t show up.

    50% of my time is spent watching the line of cars drive into the park before the 9am open. The background is boring but the pictures I took are some of my favorite. A few even got pushed into the show.

    • Michael McDonald says:

      For the record, one of the award winners was wearing a Renault Tee Shirt!

    • Michael McDonald says:

      Hangar Queens that can’t roll onto the venue should be turned away! The are by definition not the “operable” vehicled touted in the “rules”!

      • Pete240z says:

        I wonder if these were stalled or overheated cars? One had 3 guys huffing and pushing and some chick steering so I figured that wasn’t planned.

  4. xs10shl says:

    I’ve only been twice including this year, but I’d call this one a really good show. The number of well-cared-for cars is clearly growing, so much so that it’s starting to feel a little cramped. Viewed in a positive light, that’s a good sign that the community is getting stronger.

    • LANCE says:

      While it did seem a little cramped, I know it was because they wanted to fit as many vehicles in the show as possible, but as in previous years the parking lot is a separate show before the show itself…I must have spent a good 20 minutes walking through the lot enjoying the vehicles.

  5. Ken S. says:

    Woot, I spot my ride, #31 on bottom right 😀 I knew that magnetic decal would pay off!

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