2014 Japanese Classic Car Show registration opens today

10th JCCS 2014
The 2014 Japanese Classic Car Show opens for registration today, July 1. This will be a landmark year because it will be the 10th annual JCCS.

That’s right. It’s hard to believe, but the show that paved the way for nostalgic car gatherings of all sorts has been going strong for an entire decade now. The organizers, Koji and Terry Yamaguchi, tell us they have something special planned in honor of this special occasion.

In addition to the cars and motorcycles that have been eligible in previous years, the first-gen Mazda Miata is now a classic and thus welcome at the show.

Special guests will include designer and BRE founder Peter Brock, as well as race car driver John Morton. JNC will also be there with a very special car never before seen at JCCS, so stop by our booth and take a peek.

This year, Toyotafest registration filled up in a record four days. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to display your car or bike on the lawn at Queen Mary Park in a banner year for Japanese nostalgics. You can register at the JCCS website.

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4 Responses to 2014 Japanese Classic Car Show registration opens today

  1. Dave says:

    Can’t wait! I’m so there!!!

  2. Mike McDonald says:

    I will be there as most probably the sole representative of the Datsun 411 sedan genre. Please make this an unfilled wish, and flood the show with PL410, PL411, WPL410, WPL411, RL411 and WRL411 variants! “Arizona Hit Man” deservers a kudu if not a first place for his astonishly usualy pristine clutch of early 411 wagons and rare usually Ausie import first class sedans! See you all there!

  3. Mike Pristave says:

    It annoys me that shows like these are always the Cali ones advertised when that is the most unfriendly state to classic cars.

  4. dan says:

    Im not making the 16 hour drive this year, cool show, but when me and the other stock 510’s dont even see the judges, and get told judging is biased only only cars to win are modified, kind of killed the show for me as no old school stock non molested love, only HOW MUCH MONEY the people have into it 🙁 . Great show, but judging needs work. And im not the only to complain about being over looked.

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