EVENTS: 2013 Nostalgic2Days, Part 02


Welcome back to JNC‘s Nostalgic2Days coverage, from the Pacifico Yokohama convention center. The building itself might be located in the city’s Minato Mirai 21, or “Future Port of the 21st Century” district, but the cars are all from back in the day.

In the case of the Mooneyes booth, we’re talking way back in the form of an unrestored RS56 Toyota Crown pickup. The workhorse has led a hard life and has the patina and bed bars to prove it. A JZ-series swap would make this the ultimate sleeper, but we appreciate the fact that the Mooneyes crew decided to show it as is.


Contrasting the well-used beast of burden was the exact opposite in the Crown lineup, the gorgeous MS51 luxury hardtop. We fell in love with this car after seeing it at the Mooneyes Hot Rod and Custom show last year, and it never disappoints.

n2d015_Nissan Fairlady Z S30

Revive Jalopy creates amazing works of vehicular art clean enough to eat off of. Note the spotless engine compartment of this Fairlady Z. We also would not mind having that burnished Skyline skin hanging in our living room.

n2d033_Nissan Skyline KGC10 RS Start

Speaking of Skylines, the hakosuka is a chassis that’s getting ever more aftermarket parts made for it. RS Start offers everything from S20 motor headers to a suite of rear suspension hardware. The carbon fiber hood and wing take away some of its period correctness, but the overall look fits well with aggro Work CR-01 wheels in dark gold.

n2d037_Nissan Skyline C110 kenmeri

Other than the fact that it’s traded fender mirrors for door mounted ones, there’s nothing about this kenmeri Skyline that we haven’t seen before. Still, there’s something about its adherence to the tried and true — black Wats, a nice lowering — that makes us drool. Why mess with what works?

n2d030_Nissan Skyline R30

This tekamen Skyline was used to show off the KRZ air ride suspension. We love its 80s speedbox look, and the gray-maroon two-tone is a rarely promoted alternative to the popular red-and-black scheme.

n2d014_Toyota Celica XX

Speaking of interesting color combos, here’s an A60 Celica XX decked out in a bizarre orange creamsicle paint job. We’re pretty sure Google’s showing us this exact car over and over again, so we’re going to call it and say this is not factory. Sure, it adheres to the same graphic scheme of known factory two-tones, but we’re going to guess that even if Toyota okayed this color in a drug induced haze, they wouldn’t have paired it with a burgundy interior.

n2d042_Honda CT50 Dax

I don’t know my bikes that well, but this appears to be a heavily customized Honda CT50. Regardless, it’s absolutely brilliant and would probably pull all sorts of Silver Lake hipster girls if it was in LA.

n2d039_Nissan Skyline KGC10 Biko Works

The Biko Works hakosuka is simply gorgeous. Like the kenmeri above, there’s nothing different for the sake of being different, yet it stuns just by being a proper, period correct specimen of a Japanese icon.

n2d040_Suzuki Mighty Boy hakosuka

However, if you absolutely have to be different, try Biko Works’ Suzuki Mighty Boy with a hako nose grafted onto the front. It could be yours for a mere $14,500.

n2d049_Nissan Datsun Sunny Truck hakosuka

If you need slightly more hauling capacity than the Mighty Boy can offer but still want the front end to look like a hakosuka, then perhaps this B120 Sunny Truck will do the trick. Normally we find this kind of treatment just goofy, but the mean stance and longer body actually make this hako-camino look pretty darn badass.

n2d052_Toyota Celica Lifback bosozoku kaido

On the topic of insane customs, we’d be remiss if we didn’t pause for a moment to take in this insane Celica Liftback. We certainly don’t mind some moderate bosozoku styling cues, but this crosses the line, shifts into reverse, and backs over it again to make sure it’s dead. We’re not even quite sure what it was doing at a show organized by Nostalgic Hero, but we felt it had to be mentioned.

n2d011-orgz432_Nissan Fairlady Z432R S30

The R Factory booth housed what appeared to be an ultra rare Fairlady Z432-R, a homologation special distinguished from the “normal” Z432 visually by an FRP hood and plexiglass windows.

n2d012-orgz432_Nissan Fairlady Z432R S30

Underhood it was powered by the brilliant Prince S20 motor found in Skyline GT-R. If this was indeed an authentic Z432-R, then its sheetmetal would be a thinner gauge than non-R cars, making it a true factory racer and the ultimate in collectible Nissans.

n2d026-z_Nissan Fairlady Z S30 OS Giken

In Part 01 of our Nos2Days coverage, David mentioned the 420-horsepower naturally aspirated L-series in OS Giken‘s display car. Here’s a photo of that mill in the bay of that S30 Z.

n2d027_Nissan Fairlady Z S30 OS Giken

This may be a newer build, but the OS Giken twin-cam head is still a proper (and incredibly expensive at $30,000) classic part. Which one is the ultimate Z, this aftermarket but period correct monster or the Z432-R?

We have more to come, but in case you missed it here’s Part 01 of JNC’s Nostalgic2Days coverage.

Photos courtesy of MQQNEYES.

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22 Responses to EVENTS: 2013 Nostalgic2Days, Part 02

  1. Park Baker says:

    Nagoya Racing Chibaragi LB commentary sad face.


  2. Park Baker says:

    Pardon, Narita Racing. Still.

  3. E-AT_me says:

    OS Giken engine bay needs to be framed. Those headers, the valve cover, the throttle bodies.. Truly an ultimate piece of machinery so beautifully executed.

    • Benjamin says:

      On the other hand, the Suzuki Mighty Boy with the hacko nosejob is an ultimate piece that needs to be framed and executed.

      The Mighty Hacko Boy GT-URGHHH is an unfortunate reminder that methamphetamine originated in the land of the rising sun.

      • Iwakuni91 says:

        Maybe it’s just me, but the RS Start Hakosuka, Tekamen Skyline and the B120 Hako-Camino are just simply Gangster! The Tekamen is pretty, but my favorite is that B120 Camino. It’s a Nipponese answer to the Ford Raptor, Lightning and Dodge Ram. And a Nostalgic at that. Not as butch as the parts hauler Paul drove in Fast & Furious I, but definitely more thematically correct. What’s not to like? And no I am not on drugs.

      • yoda says:

        Meh…for both the Mighty Boy and sanitora my “one thing I’d have done differently” would be to keep the stock front treatment.

  4. Zeb says:

    In regards to the Celica, it was one of the main features of the show and was even used to promote it. It is built in a style (Chibaragi) that has roots far deeper in Japan’s car culture than many of the other cars there. I’m surprised to read such a perspective on it in an article on this site as the author clearly has a lot left to learn about ‘Japanese Nostalgic Cars’.

  5. BenT. says:

    Mmmm… >:)

  6. Ben says:

    Don’t worry Park & Zeb, we have much love for zokusha. We even defended it in our New Year Meeting coverage. The Celica does cross the line for most enthusiasts, even Japanese ones. You can like Amesha without liking George Barris’ Bugaloo Buggy.

    Cars like this had their time and place. We’re glad to see mild bosozoku elements crossing the Pacific, but I’d probably cringe if someone attempted a modern version of the Nagoya Racing Celica.

    However, if one day there’s a Grand Natl Roadster Show for Japanese cars and someone does built a 100% period correct version of a chibaragi car, I’ll (happily) eat my words.

    Keep up the good work with HTF and Riverside!

  7. Nigel says:

    I love modified Japanese cars and zokusha.
    The LB has got my vote.

  8. Torby says:

    Z432R vs OS Giken. Impossible choice. Both please. Nostalgic 2 days looks awesome, hope to go next year. Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  9. Ryan says:

    Not 100% sure if that 432R is genuine… Any more pics around the engine bay/interior? such a cool car regardless.

    The 432R should not have a brake vacuum booster (that one looks like it might have one?)

    Everything else seems spot on (no window trim, no stainless gutters, different grille and different bumpers), but hard to know without seeing the interior.

    Great coverage ! This event is definitely on the bucket list.

    • Ben says:

      Good cluesniffing wrt the booster but sorry, these are the only pics we have.

      • KPGC10-001218 says:

        It’s a 432-R lookalike rather than a genuine 432-R.
        A 432-R would not have a full airbox and air filter system either ( just open trumpets on the 40-PHHs ).
        In any case, the chassis numbers of the genuine cars are known and recorded so a 432 can’t suddenly turn into a 432-R….

  10. Tyler says:

    Simply fantastic cars.

  11. I notice that the RS56 pickup has US Forces Japan “Y” plates.

  12. Victor says:

    I’d love to see how a electronically fuel injected S20 built to similar specs as that OS Giken motor would compare.

  13. yoda says:

    Can we take a moment to appreciate the squeaky-clean, dropped just enough, Sunny California next to the patio-equipped Celica?

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