MINICARS: 2012 Hot Wheels Mad Manga now in red and gold

Grease up your rizento because second color of the Mad Manga is coming. Earlier this year, Hot Wheels shocked the minicar world by creating what is almost certainly the first diecast zokusha outside of Japan.

A recolor in red and gold is now upon us, and the Lamley Group has the first detailed shots of the car in all its flared, finned, and shark-nosed glory. 

Naturally, we have Hot Wheels designer extraordinaire Jun Imai to thank for this insane/incredible creation. It caused a minor stir in the Hot Wheels collecting community when first announced and this will likely continue the controversy. What do JNCers think? Let us know in the comments.

Or, you can tell Imai-san himself at JCCS on September 15 in Long Beach, California. Yes, the mad manga scientist will be at our JNC booth. We’ll have some Imai-designed Hot Wheels like the Datsun 510Toyota AE86 Corollahakosuka and kenmeri Skylines, and Mazda RX-7 available but supplies are limited so bring your Hot Wheels for him to autograph.

For more photos of the Mad Manga and other diecast cars, check out the Lamley Group.

Photos by John Lambert.

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15 Responses to MINICARS: 2012 Hot Wheels Mad Manga now in red and gold

  1. Rotarylover89 says:

    I am just loving the Re-Color of this shark!!! …now if only I can find it in my nearby stores…. :/

  2. Nigel says:

    Even more crazy then the purple one.
    (Bit of a Nissan color vibe too).

  3. Watt2159 says:

    Would love to see more bosozoku styled cars, everyone I know says they are abominations, but I think they are very cool cars, they remind me of mechs oddly enough….

    • Jeff Koch says:

      They’re out there. Aoshima does a bunch. You either have to look to Japan to get them … or else check out my table at JCCS on 15 September!

  4. Tyler says:

    Love it. I think kids will too, and that’s what really matters. If you don’t pique their interest early who is going to care for classic cars after we’re gone? And, yeah, they can play with the toys too 😛

    Can’t wait to get the RX7’s, the lifted Yota and this one in stores here. I swear I’m going to buy like five of the purple ones.

  5. Cedu86 says:

    Hey, where do you find these?? been checking out every target and walmart.. no luck.

    Lookin for these, the sa22 and those cars of the decade ae86s. @_@

    • Ben says:

      You just gotta get lucky… the Japanese cars always sell out super fast in SoCal. Or you can try in the boonies.

    • Sean says:

      mattel stores restock every morning.. i live right around the corner from one.. only thing is i can only go saturdays since they open after i start work and close as i get out =/

    • got-rice says:

      This Mad Manga should be out sometime this month. The purple one was in Mix K (HW collectors talk), and probably could be found in stores that carry older stock like Toys R Us and Kmart, and maybe Walmart.

      The Decades AE86 is only available at Walmart. I found two (and passed one) in WMs in the Inland Empire (California), where most of the collectors prefer domestic. Never hurts to check the WM nearest you.

      The SA22 white is probably not out yet. It will be something to be hunted for at your nearest Kroger grocer (Ralphs for us folk in California, maybe Food 4 Less too).

  6. A187Apilot says:

    Hotwheels to cool. Time to bring out the Starion, Celica, lmpuls,Rocky,swift gti, & Crescida.

  7. Sean says:

    whaaaa?? on the hunt again…

  8. Cedu86 says:

    Got-Rice, thanks for the heads up man! Will be on the lookout.

    in the mean time.. got 3 kenmeris for JCCS! Stoked. See ya guys then!

  9. Richard says:

    I think it looks alot better in the new colors.

    I painted one of my mad manga hot wheels house of kolor hot pink pearl and painted in some details here and there.

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