KIDNEY, ANYONE? 1980 Plymouth Arrow Sport Truck with less than 19k miles

1980 Plymouth Arrow Sport Truck 02

It’s a miracle! A 1980 Plymouth Arrow Sport Truck has appeared on Craiglist in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. This rare captive import version of a Mitsubishi Forte pickup has color-matched wheels, the most 1970s stripe package you can imagine, and just 18,854 miles on the clock. 

1980 Plymouth Arrow Sport Truck 01

Mitsubishi pickups are already far rarer than their counterparts, the Datsun 620 and Toyota Hilux. Add to that one of the snazzy decals that came exclusive to the Sport Truck package — a work of graphic design art that looks just as fitting on Porsche 911 — and you have a truly rare find.

Tipster Brad D. says “comparisons [to the 620 and Hilux] at the time were all pretty favorable, and owning one now, the parts are easy as they are shared right across the Mitsu/Dodge captive import line… Those zebra stripe front seats are something I think I need in my life!” We couldn’t agree more. Find this truck on craigslist, then find it a good home.



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13 Responses to KIDNEY, ANYONE? 1980 Plymouth Arrow Sport Truck with less than 19k miles

  1. Randy says:

    Nice truck! It’s what a truck should be; simple and trucky, and about the perfect size for the non-commercial owner. The stainless visors are cool too; iffy on finding them now.

    Friends of mine had an ’87 Dodge Ram50. It was as reliable as sunrise and had only minimal rust – on the tailgate and bumper, where it’d been hit. Traded it when the first kid was born, and none of the American cars or minivans they had since were as reliable. Post-split, they’re each driving J-tin again.

    Wish they make trucks like this again.

  2. Nigel says:

    This one is worth a kidney, me thinks.
    (This colour is rare too, I’ve only seen it once here in the Toronto area).

  3. coltspeed says:

    that engine bay says more like 119k

    • Brad D. says:

      No way, the black crap that is covering everything is a Rusty Jones or Ziebart like product. Every import from the Northeast is covered in that crap. Buyers here had been well aware of the lack of rust prevention on Japanese cars and those products probably helped convince many a wary rust belt buyer to try an imported car for a change.

  4. madfaber says:

    Meh its a automatic, how are you guna drift it???

  5. Russ says:

    I owned one of these I bought new in 1980. They were built by Mitsubishi on the Sapporo/Challenger frame and worked like a truck and drove like a sports car. When Oil started showing up in the radiator it had gone 428,000 miles … it had been painted twice, a new timing chain and new ball joints, and tie rods twice… I finally determined to TOW it to the junk yard, but as I pulled it there it drove so beautifully I couldn’t make myself leave it and towed it back to the yard…the next day my better senses prevailed and I had two employees take it over and I stayed in the office…so I didn’t have to see it go. Best truck I have every owned…I can’t tell you all the times I overloaded it and drove thousands of miles… Like a pair of my favorite was just a wonderful feeling to drive it a few hundred miles for sales calls or take it camping or fishing. I loved that truck.

  6. rrichard warnick says:

    i bought a 1980 sport arrow pick up about 5 years ago , one of the strips is faded out . i think it was purple but it is to far gone . i am getting it repainted @ new decals ,factory orange . california truck , no rust other than the roof @hood . looks like it was in a hail storm way back when , any info will be helpful

  7. Hutch says:

    Hey, that’s my truck.

  8. leroy says:

    how long has it been sold? how much?

  9. Robert @ Algerbilt says:

    Had an 81 called the taz. Had a 550 horse 355 small block Chevy in it with a ford nine in the rear. Mustang 2 front end. Ran a 9.28 quaurter at -42 mph and didn’t quiver. Loved my truck

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