1978 Plymouth Sapporo Crash Test

Due to the scarcity of old school Mitsubishi videos out there, we must content ourselves with whatever we can get:

Should this fail to get your pulse racing, feel free to review the previous blog entry for a more explosive pyrotechnic display.

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12 Responses to 1978 Plymouth Sapporo Crash Test

  1. BlownArrow! says:

    That’s ok it’ll buff out………… šŸ˜€

    OK these test are soo not practical.. I’ve been driving for about 18yr legally or illegally
    and have YET to see one of those things driving around let alone behind me! šŸ˜›

  2. Oyaji Gaijin says:

    Where can I get one of those sleds with the big steel wall on the front of it, those things are always undamaged in the crash tests. Seems like everyone would be so much safer if we all just drove around in the crash sleds instead of the cars.

  3. Ben says:

    You know, it looks likes it held up surprisingly well. The damage stops right at the cabin. I wonder if they started filming the gas tank after the Pinto…

  4. Mr.L.J. Nordvik says:

    Whilst on the subject of crash tests,this is a real thigh-slapper. (Unless you drive a rear-engine VW van,that is.)

  5. Ben says:

    The cabin of that VW is not a happy place to be…

  6. Mr.L.J. Nordvik says:

    No,it isn’t.And not just in a crash.I’ve drove one of those horrors in the navy,many moons ago. Brakes that either did nothing at all or locked up,steering as vague as a political promise,gear ratios that played hide and seek,engine that binged petrol and gave all the speed of continental drift in return,heater with two settings:cold and freezing cold,the handling prowess of a drunken giraffe on roller skates,and so on, and so on….

  7. GEN2TWINCAM says:


    I remember being a passenger on a trip from NJ to Florida and back in a friend’s brand new Sapporo. At that time, my folks had a 74 Beetle. So, the Sapporo seemed like a super-plush luxury car!

    In the test, it looks like it fared a bit better than my Civic (which gets converted to a 2-seater)! OUCH

  8. Mark says:

    Holy crap the back window stays intact !

  9. GEN2TWINCAM says:

    Yea, I noticed that. Particularly because I could use those parts right now!!

  10. Mr.L.J. Nordvik says:


  11. Rob V says:

    Interesting that the car held up fairly well, but the driver’s seat totally collapsed. If there was a passenger behind the driver’s seat, or a child in a car seat, they would probably sustain some serious injuries.

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