1977 Dodge Colt / Mitsubishi Lancer Promo Video

It’s the late 70s and the public is clamoring for smaller, efficient cars. Sadly, your portfolio consists of a series of monster land barges where even the smallest offering is several times the size of a Honda Civic. What’s the best way to regain market share?

Smuggle some Mitsubishi Lancers into the country and replace that funny sounding name with a good ol’ American moniker like Dodge Colt! Then show potential customers a 10-minute promo video where you trot out the cheapest gray Datsun B210 you can find and park next to it, in all your striped and vinyl-topped glory. Look, you can even fit two dead bodies tennis rackets in the boot while that Datto swallows just one!

But if you think that’s bad, wait till you see the industrial strength can of whoop ass Dodge opens on domestic competitors like the Chevy Vega, Chevette and Ford Pinto.

Notice also how many of the key features are specifically to help you protect your hard earned petrol. A large fuel tank, to help you avoid long lines at the gas station. A locking fuel door, to ward off pesky thieves with siphons. Yup, we were a nation still smarting from the Oil Crisis.

Thanks to Matt for the tip! [Youtube: OsbornTramain]

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7 Responses to 1977 Dodge Colt / Mitsubishi Lancer Promo Video

  1. E-AT_me says:

    apparently the devil makes an appearance at about 9:15.. hehehe. i wonder how many people bought those not thinking they were japanese imports? then scoffed at all the hondas and toyotas..

  2. Nigel says:

    Back in the 70’s there where a lot of people in my old “hood” that had these “Dodges”.
    My neighbour had a “Dodge” mini pickup.

  3. bert says:

    I find it intersting that they didn’t do any comparisons between Toyota or Honda or even Mazda. Of course when your trying to make your car shine above the rest, it’s not good to park it next to cars that would blow it off the road in every way!

    I also wonder, if the Colt was so much better than the Pinto, Vega/Chevette, and Datsun, why did all of those models sell better?

  4. mister k says:

    i like the part when he asks us to compare the seats of the colt vs. the b210 … apparently it’s obvious to him the colt is superior, but i didn’t see much of a difference

  5. Lincoln Stax says:

    Wow. I’m sold. I’m heading to my local Dodge dealer right now.

  6. Lincoln Stax says:

    @E-AT_me: Oh yeah, I remember back in the ’70s, there were plenty of All-American patriots who would froth at the mouth at the very idea of buying an import, then drive off in his Chevy LUV or Ford Courier or Dodge Ram 50.

  7. Sarcasmo says:

    Love the bellbottoms, HAHAAHA!! 🙂

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