1976 Datsun 620 Truck Prepares for Bonneville

barry brown datsun 620 bonneville speed record

Guest blogger Stephen Rossini is a photographer and Datsun enthusiast from New York who has been following Bonneville hopeful Barry Brown and his Datsun 620.

Barry Brown and co-driver Jeff Benson of Riter Automotive, Rochester, New York made their first leg to get to Bonneville. Their prepared 1976 Datsun 620 truck was entered this weekend in the ECTA speed trials at Maxton, North Carolina. This being a new venue for both drivers and a new untested truck, both drivers were able to be signed off and Jeff was able to break the current record in F/PMP class with a 123 MPH run breaking the record previously held at 119MPH. Riter Automotive will now prepare the truck to run at Bonneville in the fall.

The Datsun truck is a 1976 620 street legal 2 liter, 220HP engine prepared by Vinny Bendini. The engine is equipped with Mikuni 50mm factory Nissan competition carburetors. The truck uses coil over suspension with Nissan competition springs, stock brakes and original 5-speed transmission.

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7 Responses to 1976 Datsun 620 Truck Prepares for Bonneville

  1. Nigel says:

    Just shows you can find a Nissan in every level of Motorsport.
    Good luck at Bonneville guys.

  2. Hector says:

    Love those 620’s!

  3. hechtspeed says:

    Very cool! Love Bville racers. Can’t wait to see this truck at the Great White Dyno this fall.

  4. ProTree says:

    this thing is dope! more of this please if you guys get the chance

  5. mark says:

    Excellent….& it’s a longbed even !! 620’s rule !

  6. Frank Thomas says:

    Not surpriZed that this truck broke the old record and set a new one. The engine was built and prepped by Vinny Bedini, veteran Datsun racer and preferred mechanic of our entire 380-member Z Club here in Connecticut. Vinny has built several engines which set national records over the years, some of which remain unbroken today. His name is synonymous with exacting precision and victorious engines in many classes.

    The CT Z Car Club (CTZCC.Com) besieges Vinny with work. Our cars are lined up outside (and inside) his speed shop, and the man doesn’t even advertiZe. He doesn’t have time! He’s too busy building excellent street and track Z carz, 510s and Roadsters for discerning enthusiasts.

    At this writing, Vinny is entrusted with the gentle rehab of the recently-discovered first 240Z ever sent to the USA for sale, HLS30-00013 (another of Steve Rossini’s photoshoots). “Lucky 13”, first flagship of the entire Z phenomenon, has emerged from a 30-year slumber and the owner wants to drive it again. To catch up on the much-delayed routine maintenance of such a priceless icon, only a single name was even considered ~ Vinny Bedini.

    Those Riter Automotive guyz knew exactly what they were doing when they set their sights on Bonneville, and they put their money down on exactly the right Datsun mechanic to get them there.

    The CT Z Car Club will keep our fingers on the pulse of this record attempt and we all wish Jeff and Barry a Champagne bath.

    Frank Thomas

  7. Jim Roney says:

    OK, It’s been a year, What happened, a new record @ the salt?

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