VIDEO: 1972 Fuji Masters Super Touring Race

1972 Fuji Masters Super Touring Race

One of the greatest rivalries from the heyday of Japanese motorsports was that of Nissan versus Mazda. After the Savanna RX-3 snatched Nissan’s much anticipated 50th victory from the Skyline GT-R in December 1971, a blood feud was born. The following year that fight grew even more heated, with roaring rotaries and fierce hakosukas duking it out throughout the 1972 season. Here’s a Mazda promotional video setting the scene for the 1972 Fuji Masters Super Touring Race, which pitted RX-2s and 3s against fearsome GT-Rs in a thrilling display of wheeled combat around the 30 degree banks of Fuji Speedway.

You’ll be sure to see some familiar names in this lineup, including Yoshimi KatayamaTakashi Yorino and Yojiro Terada a full seven years before they became famous on the world stage for claiming GTU victory at the 24 Hours of Daytona in the new RX-7. Legendary Nissan driver Motoharu Kurosawa puts up an end boss-level fight and we won’t spoil the ending, but with this being a Mazda promotional video you can probably guess outcome.

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11 Responses to VIDEO: 1972 Fuji Masters Super Touring Race

  1. Ryan says:




  2. E-AT_me says:

    end of first clip; that was just straight dirty.. NOT cool. should have given way… to be honest, kind of upset..

    • E-AT_me says:

      yeah.. not cool Mazda.. not cool. rubbin’s racin, only if you’re on the same lap. sorry, i disapprove. if i were nissan, i’d be livid..

    • Dutch 1960 says:

      Yup, looks like a couple of muggings were done.

      Cool to see the wide open fields that the cars are driving through, and the way the cars are sliding all over the place. The music is goofy but the parts with the car sounds need to be turned all the way up!

  3. JOE ISUZU says:

    Sadly they edited out the part where the Bellett R6 leads the field until ignominiously driven off the track by an unscrupulous trio of Hakosuka Skyline GT-Rs.

    • KPGC10-001218 says:

      An Isuzu R6? You’ve got the right meeting, but the wrong race….

      The race under discussion here was one of the supporting card races of the Grand Champion series round that was the weekend’s main event. Your lone Isuzu R6 wasn’t mugged by a trio of Skyline GT-Rs as there were no Skyline GT-Rs in the Grand Champion race it was taking part in.

      Always nice to converse with Isuzu fans who know their stuff…

  4. Danny says:

    “a full seven years before they became famous on the world stage for claiming GTU victory at the 24 Hours of Daytona in the new RX-7.”

    Does anyone have video of this RX-7?

  5. GEN2TWINCAM says:

    That was GROOVY!

    And I thought I was the only one who torqued lug nuts!

  6. Nigel says:

    Awesome videos, would have like to have seen more footage of the Toyota’s though.

  7. Jeremy Gomez says:

    bump for this! video is down 🙁 any other link for this?

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