NEWS: 1967 Mazda Cosmo Sport sells for $264,000

Minutes after the white Toyota 2000GT crossed the block at Gooding & Co., a short-wheel base 1967 Mazda Cosmo Sport did the same.Both were from the same collection, an unnamed collector that also sold a BMW 507 and 1969 Camaro Z/28. After some spirited bidding, the gavel dropped at $240,000, or $264,000 out the door after commission. 

This is a new record for the world’s first dual rotary production car. While it may be surprising that it sold for more than the hakosuka Skyline GT-R, this particular 110S is widely considered the best-restored example in the world.

We’ll have more from Monterey soon. Stay tuned.

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9 Responses to NEWS: 1967 Mazda Cosmo Sport sells for $264,000

  1. mister k says:

    hako is for driving. cosimo is for parking

    • Nakazoto says:

      Clearly you’ve never driven a Cosmo. The Cosmo is, without a shadow of a doubt, the most enjoyable car to drive that I’ve ever had the pleasure to get behind the wheel of. To own and not feel the pure joy emanating from it as you let the lightweight twin rotor unwind and sling it around a few corners would be criminal.

      • ryan says:

        Well thats god news for you then. Will you sell yours now?

        • Nakazoto says:

          If someone offered me a quarter of a million dollars I just might, haha!

          • mister k says:

            no what i meant is a rotary powered car is better parked lest you risk the engine imploding
            besides the s20 sound is incomparable let alone compared to a rotary buzz

          • ryan says:

            I drive my 7 everyday and its never missed a beat. Reliability issues are only a problem when you have some idiot owner who knows not hot to look after a rotary.

  2. Myron Vernis says:

    I’ve never driven a Hakosuka (I hope to soon) but I can attest to what a great car the Cosmo is to drive. Ours gets used regularly and the unique driving experience is always a joy. Come to Ohio for a ride!

    On a related subject, I was in a Monterey to see all the JDM cars up for auction. They were all excellent examples and excitement for them was very high.

  3. Dave says:

    Clearly, the days of Japanese classics being obscure in the US are long gone. I’ve adored these cars so much, I almost feel a weird sense of ownership over them. Yet actual ownership will now forever elude me. Bittersweet I guess. I’ll have to settle for my $30 plastic model kit, or maybe a $3500 SA22C…

  4. Moominsean says:

    Geez, i should have bought one two years ago for $30k.

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