Sportsland Sugo Damaged in Earthquake

Japan is still recovering from last week’s record-breaking 9.0 magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunami. Sadly, reports say one of the nation’s great racetracks, Sportsland Sugo, has sustained damage.  Located in the hard-hit Miyagi Prefecture, Sugo was built in 1975 by Yamaha, and is a regular stop on the Super GT circuit. It’s also hosted World Superbike Championships, World Motocross Championships, and the Rock Olympics, one of northeast Japan’s largest music festivals.

Here’s a video of a station wagon race held at Sugo, giving us dreams of taking the JNC wagon there someday.

And here’s a Juichi Wakisaka, co-founder of the Save Japan earthquake relief campaign, in a nail-biting duel with former F1 driver Erik Comas in JGTC Supras.

And we know we’ve been saying this all week, but here is the link to donate once more.

[Image: SSMB]

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3 Responses to Sportsland Sugo Damaged in Earthquake

  1. Ryuji says:

    last year’s Super GT also had a great duel in SUGO (two Honda HSV-010GTs). hope the track will be repaired soon

  2. Tyler says:

    What a tight race! It’s too bad about the track but I hope the cities and houses are rebuilt with first priority.

  3. Brett says:

    I just had a look at the Sugo website, and it appears they plan to have it repaird by May. You can even see them doing some repairs on their webcam 🙂

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