KIDNEY, ANYONE? 12k-mile Honda S800 Coupe at government auction

Honda S800 12k-mile 00

The cars at government auctions usually aren’t this interesting. In Fukuoka, Japan the Regional Taxation Bureau is trying to unload a Honda S800 Coupe with less than 12,000 miles. Yes, that’s miles, because this is something rare, even for Japan — a left hand drive export version of Soichiro’s first-born. 

Details about how the car got there are scarce, but the Taxation Bureau’s auctions usually mean the owner was delinquent on his or her tax payments, which means the salarymen in black will come a-knockin’. Seized property can consist of anything from jewelry to real estate to works of art to, yes, cars. However, most stuff on tap are late-model Toyota sedans and vans, nothing exciting.

Then an S800 with 11,984 miles on the clock comes along. The government estimates the value at ¥1.35 million, which translates to just $13,300 or so. That seems like a hell of a deal for this nostalgic Honda, as premium examples usually trade in the $35-$50,000 range. The auction will be held May 23-26.


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5 Responses to KIDNEY, ANYONE? 12k-mile Honda S800 Coupe at government auction

  1. dankan says:

    Ok, I’m getting on the phone to my in-laws in Fukuoka now…

  2. xs10shl says:

    Already bid to 2MM yen, so there’s no hope of stealing it for peanuts.

  3. Censport says:

    I would just like to find a new interior for the coupe we’ve got. But that’s a very pleasant distraction.

  4. William du Preez says:

    Hi how do I bid on the Honda S800

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