10-mile Honda CRX could be the most pristine example on Earth

A 1990 Honda CRX billed as the lowest-mileage example anywhere in the world has come up for sale. With just 17 kilometers (10.5 miles) on the odometer that claim is likely to be accurate, at least if we discount the possibility of an undriven one at one of Honda’s museums.

The car does indeed look pristine time capsule from the images. There’s only one catch. The car is located in Portugal. According to the seller, the car was purchased at Santomar Honda in Lisbon in August 1990. The owner then promptly drove it to their garage and parked it for three decades.

The trim level is a 1.6i-16, similar to what we in the US would call a CRX Si, the top-of-the-line performance model in the CRX range. It’s finished what was called Blade Silver Metallic in the US, though that color was discontinued in our market at then end of the 1989 model year.

Because this is a European-spec model, there are some differences, like the ability to seat four with a spartan rear bench. On the outside, an original hood bulge differentiates it from US-market examples.

The listing says that until recently, the car was perched on four jack stands. So presumably its Dunlops, which are the original tires for the car, have no flat spots. We’d still find a new set of wheels and tires before driving it though; you never know how aged rubber will perform.

Similarly, although its 1.6-liter engine still contains the original factory oil, we’d probably change it before driving it too much. In fact, the ad states that everything is original except the battery and brake fluid. Its floormats are still protected by the paper sheets from the dealership. It goes on to say that the car has been “thoroughly checked and everything works flawlessly.”

There isn’t much else to go on, but from the photos it really does look like a stunning example of a prime, collector-grade CRX. There’s no price listed, but a 33,000-mile example sold on Bring a Trailer in 2019 for $33,600. It may be cost a few more clams to ship this one over, but we’re sure if the buyer is US based they’ll have the resources to bring it across the Atlantic. If that’s you, the car can be found on Garagisti.

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5 Responses to 10-mile Honda CRX could be the most pristine example on Earth

  1. CycoPablo says:

    Same as the AUDM model sold here. We didn’t get the “1-mile” seat, but did get the 14″ alloys with Michelin MXVs. The engine is the D16A9 for 1990 EU, and UK fans would know this as a 16V variant, as opposed to the VTi (B16 VTEC).
    Nice, but waaaay out of our household budget. Plus I already have one 😉

  2. RainMeister says:

    What I would pay to buy and import this car.

    But money is not the issue here. This is a museum piece, and I would feel guilty every time I drove it and added miles and wear. It belongs in a museum, not my garage. Also, what happens to a car that sits unused for 32 years, even if it only logged 10 miles from when it was built? I wouldn’t want to find out.

    So I’ll take that 33k mile example for $33.6k.

  3. GeorgeL says:

    They are asking 40,000 Euros or about $46,000 US at today’s exchange rates. Is it worth it? Maybe. I’d sure love to have it. Euro spec and air conditioning? The temptation is real but the price of entry is a bit too dear.

  4. james says:

    Now that’s a rolling time capsule.

  5. Miatadon says:

    My ’91 Civic Si has the same kind of plastic wheel covers and upholstery too. I even have factory floor mats, and factory radio still in the box. I wish I could find some fender wheel trim pieces for my Civic, but little items for these old Hondas get harder to find all the time.


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