The Hot Olds, they like to Meet.


Earlier this year, an event called Hot Olds Meet was held at Shizuoka, in Japan – where else. I’ve spent the past hour salivating over hundreds of images, and I figure it’s my civic duty to share the booty with you lot. gallery forum thread forum thread
Official website (Japanese)
Fan website …we think! (Japanese)

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  1. stuyizz says:

    Hey! they’re my pics!! 🙂
    Really glad you like them as it took over ten thousand miles and nearly 24 hours of traveling to get to the show but I have to say it was by far the most Awsome experiance ever.
    I’m actually in the process of getting them all online in nice Hi-res screen saver size and I also have a load of videos as well to edit & upload, as soon as I have I’ll send you guys the link.
    BTW, I love this site, so much cool stuff in an amazingly short period of time. and thanks for introducing me to Wangan midnight.

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