Toyota Skyline, Anyone?

Since we mentioned the BRE Mitsubishi Evo yesterday, we might as well one of the most classic examples of minicar marque-model mismatch. Zee Toys went out of business in 1996 but in its heyday the company had, among other products, an interesting lineup of cars. For a California based company in the 70s, there were a surprising number of Japanese cars in their lineup โ€” Honda N600, Datsun pickup, and a whole mess of Toyotas like the TE27 Corolla, 2000GT, Celica andย Corona.

However, as you can see from the 1979 catalog, there was an interloper in the family… the Toyota Skyline! It’s clearly a C110 orย C210, but it’s even got a huge “TOYOTA” graphic on the side and “TEAM TOYOTA” writ large across the hood. Perhaps in 30 years the BRE Evo will be as interesting an oddity.

[Image: Zylmex]

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9 Responses to Toyota Skyline, Anyone?

  1. Nigel said:

    Remeber there was no easy “interweb” access back in 1979 so they could not “doublecheck” ! (The box graphics are CanAm cars, cool.)

  2. banpei said:

    Big LOL on that one! ๐Ÿ˜€
    But personally I don’t see it clearly as a C210: looking at the front bumper, headlights and the rear door window it rather looks like a C110. But that could be due to the small picture size…

  3. bert said:

    They’ve als got the 2000GT down as a GT2000!

    banpei- How can you “see” anything clearly this early in the morning! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Ben said:

    Actually yeah, the rear C-pillar area does look more C110-ish.

  5. robakun said:

    I have one of those in the package!

  6. Tyler said:

    Haha. You’d think they’d have had to ask the company for rights anyway…

    I think it’s a 110 seeing as the TOYOTA words to not bend with the 210’s body line.

  7. Tyler said:

    Also, did anyone spot the EM50 Urban Assault Vehicle up there? ^_^

  8. banpei said:

    bert – I’m in the “early morning” timezone called Europe. ๐Ÿ˜›

  9. Toyotageek said:

    Could the ‘Toyota Skyline’ be an early example of one of those ‘hybrids’ we see today… what lurks under the hood?!

    Dang Robakun, you lucky! I gotta find me one of those now! LOL!!

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