Z Car Grows, 240 to 370 in 38 Years

370z.jpgTime for more unfounded rumors from the Japanese auto tabloids. This much is known. The next iteration of Nissan’s landmark sports car, the Fairlady Z, will have the 3.7L motor currently powering its Skyline/Infiniti G37 siblings. What’s pure conjecture, however, is this new shape’s bulging biceps over the wheel wells and arrowhead headlights. We’ve heard from people who study this sort of thing that the next 370Z will be smaller and lighter than the current 350Z, more of a return to the 240Z’s roots, but this pic seems to say otherwise.

[FreshAlloy via Autoblog]

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4 Responses to Z Car Grows, 240 to 370 in 38 Years

  1. Bob said:

    Ugh. I’m not impressed with the looks. Then again, I haven’t been impressed with the look of any Z since the last 280s, so… I guess no one cares about my opinion.

  2. Jnostalgics said:

    Agreed. The Z32 was nice, but the 350Z just doesn’t do it for us. On the plus side, this could be just another speculative rendering – note the GT-R shapes in the front fenders – from a Japanese mag so we still have some hope.

  3. SrFairladyZ said:

    Yes, Total photoshop it seems, so no worries about the ugliness. I feel the current 350Z is passable in the looks category, but nothing as heart warming as any Z before it. Nissan has already produced the SE Nismo 380RS which is a 3.8L 350hp engine. But without turbo(s) it still couldn’t prove itself while battling an Evo9 and STI on Tsukuba in a recent Hot Version video. The 380RS has a longer nose, flaunting true Z car roots (which of course I like).

  4. Burabuda said:

    i think the last evo of the z was the 280zx

    every subsequent incarnation was morphed into a hairy-chested gt for the marlboro man

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