Z-Car Club of Inland Valley Show

While Matt was down at the imG Old Skewl Meet in San Diego yesterday yours truly was at the Z-Car Club of Inland Valley‘s annual car show at Quality Nissan in Temecula. Despite the name of the club all manner of Datsuns were welcomed with open arms, and the results are here:

Here’s a great side-by-side that captures the spirit of the show: a brand new 2009 370Z with an all-original one-family 1970 240Z.

zcciv12_datsuns30_280z_22 You’ve probably seen this ’77 280Z in JNC‘s Z-Car Nationals coverage but we so rarely see well done 2+2s. See, four-seaters can be sexy!

You can easily imagine this 280ZX doing a top speed wangan run.

zcciv14_datsunz31_300zxturboIt’s 2009 so the Z31 300ZX, which came out in the 1984 model year, has now hit the 25-year mark threshold for recogition as a proper nostalgic. This car is dripping with early 80s appeal, in a color that “only Ben could love” as Matt would say.

zcciv16_datsunz31_300zxturbo50thannivBut if there’s anything I like more than period colors it’s small nods to heritage. In 1984 Nissan celebrated it’s global 50th anniversary with a limited edition 300ZX (pic of the full car in the gallery below).

zcciv21_datsunbluebird510Ok, enough Zs. How about a nice Datsun 510? This one caught our eye because it was super clean and we were, um, in no way swayed by the JNC sticker it was rockin’.

zcciv20_datsunbluebird510Since Matt posted a matte Maxima here’s a matte 510 to go along with it. The mashup of JDM (lights, grille, etc.) and USDM (door mirrors, BRE stripes, painted 280ZX wheels) somehow work together to give it a cool road warrior vibe.

zcciv23_datsunbluebird510wagonThe wagonphile in me loved this green ’72 510, and the color matching in the 280ZX wheels lend the car a nice, cohesive look.

zcciv24_datsunbluebird510wagonIt’s surprising how well hot rod style and old Japanese cars go together. We first saw the ’71 Datrod and its clever yet subtle touches at the Datsun Heritage Museum Toy Drive last year but since then it’s acquired some new painted steelies.

zcciv25_datsun320pickupContinuing with the hot rod theme, here’s a slick little 1963 Datsun 320 pickup, the oldest car at the show. Chrome rings around the lights would probably set off the red wheels and starter crank more, but it looks cool nonetheless.

zcciv28_datsun620pickupThe Datsun 620 is one of the most beautiful pickups ever made, and this was a gorgeous example in spite of the Porsche wheels. Just look at those clean lines!

zcciv33_datsun620pickupCheck out the necklace Mike of the So.West Datsun Pick-Ups Club is wearing. Those are chromed tie-down hooks removed from his 620!

zcciv34_datmanRemember this? Dat-Man was a promotional character, complete with comic book, created as an early 70s promotion. It was later followed by Dat-Girl and they had a kid named – wait for it – Dat-Son.

zcciv35_datsuncherryf10_doubleheaderThe show stealer was this… thing, two 1977 Datsun Cherry F-10s joined at the hip. It was built by Fram/Autolite as a promotion demonstrating the importance of maintenance. It was driven 20,000 miles per year with one side getting routine maintenance and the other negelected. By 75,000 miles, the neglected side got poorer MPG, produced more smog, performed worse, consumed more oil and had major ring and valve wear. Ultimately the entire car was neglected until car artist Steve Jasik found and restored it five years ago. If you lock both steering wheels you can drive sideways down the street.

Despite some last minute red tape thrown their way by the city of Murietta, which prompted the eleventh hour change of venue to Quality Nissan, the crew at ZCCIV pulled off a great show and it warms our hearts to see dealers still supporting the old school. You can also see coverage of the 2008 show.

On a side note, we’re thinking of posting event coverage this way, instead of with a text and links with the gallery below . If you have a preference, let us know which you prefer.

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11 Responses to Z-Car Club of Inland Valley Show

  1. Dan in Dubai said:

    I prefer the pics with captions as I’m not the experts you guys are. Interesting to find out what little touches and special parts are on the cars (and in some cases; what cars they are!), rather than just pictures that leave me wondering…

  2. sr-fairladyz said:

    It’s great to see JNC feeling some Z31 butterflies! Everyone else stop hate the black sheep! πŸ™‚

  3. Ben said:

    Someone needs to start a “hottest Z31” thread in the forums, hint hint πŸ˜‰

  4. leongsoon said:

    In the second pic, I don’t think you really mean “1970 370Z” πŸ™‚

  5. Ben said:

    Haven’t you heard of the time machine edition? πŸ™‚

    J/k, Corrected!

  6. Mark said:

    Ben it was a pleasure seeing you again at the show. TY so much for the JNC decal & the pix of our group..SWDP.

  7. Rafe said:

    Man, why do all these things happen when I don’t know about them?! I’ve lived in Temecula for 8 years and have never even heard about this….let alone seen all these beautiful Datsuns!!

    And I thought I was the only one in Temecula who cruised around in an old school Z XP

  8. Derrick S said:

    I like the big format pictures, but I also would like to know some tidbits on the cars and sometimes what they are, since I live a bit aways from J-land πŸ™‚

  9. Ben said:

    Derrick: You can click on these to get large format ones too

  10. Goki said:

    Thanks for the shout out to my 280Z 2+2! I didn’t get to talk to you this time Ben, but glad you came to the show!

    My vote goes to pics and captions! πŸ™‚

  11. JOSE RODRIGUEX said:

    i have one datsun 510 wagon 1972 for sale, is complete and it is runing, have motor hight performance, mail me if are interested joserp72@yahoo.com.mx

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