WRX in Effect

Ok, so this isn’t quite nostalgic, but Subaru has a new “Legend Reborn” mini-site to the launch the new high-po version of the Impreza, the WRX. The site goes into detail about the history of the rally-inspired WRX series, which got its start in 1992. That may not seem like a long time ago, but it was the same year that George Bush Sr barfed sushi into the lap of the Japanese Prime Minister, Nirvana ruled the airwaves, and the spelling bee championship aspirations of a young William Figueroa were dashed when Veep Dan Quayle signaled him to append an “e” to “potato.”

Given how difficult it is for some companies to promote their histories and the classic cars we know and love (ahem, Toyota), we practically wet ourselves whenever we do see an attempt at representin’ heritage. Of course, Subaru of Japan is no stranger to this concept.

Accompanying the mini-site is a New York Times piece taking a look at the advertising trend of using Asian, specifically Japanese, imagery to target the youth of today. The article also mentions similar trends from companies like Mitsubishi and General Electric. As if on cue, Scion today announced a T-shirt contest for they call the “Otaku generation.” Why do we mention all this? Because it’s encouraging to see the yutes of today interested in Japanese culture, particularly with respect to cars, which can only mean good things for nostalgics.

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