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 Japanese Nostalgic Car and Auto Otaku

Even though we’ve only been going for a week so (and going strong!), grandJDM has proven to be an absolute blast for all of us.  We’ve been pushing for daily updates, and frankly it hasn’t been a challenge. There’s just so much excellent material out there!  We’ve lined up four or five beautiful cars to feature over the coming weeks, including interviews with their owners.  And even their owners have been suggesting other cars and fellow owners for us to interview!  So there’s no questioning the fact that grandJDM has some sweet times ahead.

With that in mind, we’d like to say a quick “cheers!” to a couple of our fellow websites/blogs.  Japanese Nostalgic Car, and Auto Otaku – both highly respected sites in our minds, and very much a major source of inspiration for the creation of this site right here – have both blogged about grandJDM in the past week.  This has resulted in a welcome boost in grandJDM’s traffic and exposure in the classic JDM community, and for that, we’re mighty thankful!So cheers guys, keep up the good work with your own sites, and our already healthy and growing community will only get stronger.

Japanese Nostalgic Car
Auto Otaku

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