Upcoming Classic Events in Japan

130_aon07poster-l.JPG130_cp07poster-l.JPGFor those of you lucky enough to be in Japan in the next few weeks, a few tasty classic car events are coming up. The first is the All Odds Nationals, which is to be held in the Odaiba: take the Rinkai Like to Tokyo Teleport, and walk to the Fuji TV building (the big imposing one with the huge ball in the middle of it).

The big day is Sunday the 30th September. Last years event looked like a blast.


The second event is the Annual Crown Picnic, which is going to be in Yokohama on the 28th October. You can find a photogallery of last year’s event here. Looks like a sweet event for you Tojo fans out there. Damn I wish I had a plane ticket in my pocket right now. If any GrandJDM readers are in the neighbourhood, I hope you enjoy these events, and of course, come back and tell us about them!


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