Where Old Subarus Go to Die

Legend has it that when an old elephant knows its time is near, it instinctively heads toward an elephant graveyard, a hidden pachyderm skeleton repository where it, and its predecessors, can go to die quietly away from the herd. The same is true for Subarus, as recreated in this poignant ad, in which a Forester owner takes his timeworn workhorse to “Subaru Heaven” to rest beside BRATs and 360s as his friend follows in a newly redesigned Forester.


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3 Responses to Where Old Subarus Go to Die

  1. Bob said:

    Ummm…. ok…?

    “Yeah, it still runs and drives fine. But I’m gonna scrap it just because.”

    Silly clown.

    I do want that Brat though.

  2. Jeremy said:

    I love my car, but I’m too much of an AssClown and lazy to learn how
    to fix it!
    You know isn’t it funny that in such a “Green” time instead of recycleing
    we here at Subaru would rather litter a feld……


  3. Oyaji Gaijin said:

    So, with Subarus, at 300,000 miles, you park them in the middle of a field for other people to strip. Doesn’t say much for the expected lifespan of their product.

    Well, with my Gemini, at 300,000 miles, I get back in, turn the key, and start on the next 300,000 miles!

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