When the sharknoses come out to play…..bring earplugs


Yesterday we did a piece on a rarely-seen Hakosuka sharknose, and while we’re on the subject of these of lowdown/garuchan/yankee/bosozoku sharknosed cars, let’s look into the culture a little bit further.

When we see these cars parked up, it’s easy to conclude that they’re just cosmetic projects that are built for a bit of a laugh, just for the look. And it’s easy to assume that these things would fall apart if they so much as exceeded 20km/h. Well, we have some video evidence to suggest that this is not so.

You might want to turn down the sound though!

It’s great to see cars being driven with enthusiasm, but if I’d just spent a few weekends fabricating and painting a sharknose, I don’t know if I’d want to be risking smashing it (into another sharknose) like this!

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8 Responses to When the sharknoses come out to play…..bring earplugs

  1. leongsoon said:

    Nice, looks like sharks swarming in the water!

  2. Organic Zero said:

    I’m kind of curious… what car they used to make the black one that appear on the last video? does anyone have a clue?

  3. Kev said:

    I think the black one is a Mk3 Supra, the only part that is recogniseable is the B-pillar!

  4. xsoarerx said:

    another fantastic post grand JDM 🙂

    ill be building a shark nose on my z10 soarer soon and its great to see other ppl are into them… its a shame it woudlnt be very road legal in australia altho there is a 4 door c110 skyline driving around the states with a shark nose due to a loop hole in the import laws where the car is over 30 years old can be driven

    and its a Z32 300zx, had a few comments about that car on Auszoku a while back.

    this is a post with a whole heap of bosozoku/yankee/lowdown style cars as well 🙂

  5. vudoo said:

    here are some cool how to
    boso sharknose sites



  6. Lachy said:

    ooh dunno about Supra Kev, looks like a Z32 300ZX ?

  7. sumo510 said:

    Whatever the black car is it looks like its the result of a liason between the General Lee and a Ferrari.
    There’s something strangley Hispanic about unrestrained body work.

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