When Life Gives You LeMons

See that billowing cloud of smoke coming from the direction of Altamont, CA? It’s the 2nd annual running of the 24 Hours of LeMons, which, like it’s namesake from Sarthe, has cars. That’s where the similarity ends, however, as the competitors in LeMons cannot cost more than $500, or the price of one 10mm nut on your typical LeMans car. Fortunately for the drivers, that price cap doesn’t include safety equipment, and considering the caliber of their steeds, they’ll need it. Vehicles range from beater Volkswagens to beater BMWs to beater Cadillac hearses to beater beaters. Oh, and the grand prize is $1000. In nickels.

One of the many resultant small tragedies is that a prime source for cheap, sharp-handling and dispoable vehicles is the ever-shrinking pool of old Japanese cars, like this mustard yellow Datsun B210 that ran in LeMons ’06. If you can get past that, then the event just might provide you the weekend of motorized mayhem to fill that gaping void in your life. The event goes from July 7-8, or until the last drop of oil is ejected onto the track, whichever comes first.

Photo courtesy of Evil Engineering.

UPDATE: The wacky guys at Mitsubishi have actually entered a factory effort, albeit one ensconced in fur. First MOD, now this. We are really liking these guys!

Fuzzy Mitsu

Image courtesy of Autoblog, who is live blogging the event and inhaling lungfuls of blue smoke.

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