What the Mazda 787B Sounds Like

We mentioned a few weeks back that the Mazda 787B was making a return to Le Mans for the 20th anniversary of its victory there. One of its drivers, Johnny Herbert, was on hand to take it for another spin around Sarthe Circuit. This is what a 700-horsepower four-rotor sounds like.

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6 Responses to What the Mazda 787B Sounds Like

  1. bob said:

    That was totally worth getting busted for at work. What a fantastic noise!

  2. neil said:

    i’ve driven that on GT5… sounds like an F1… love that car also the Sauber Mercedes and the TOYOTA Minolta race car…

  3. Nigel said:

    Beauty and brute force at once…none other like 787B.

  4. Ryuji said:

    that sound…no wonder the FIA was scared.

  5. Beenman said:

    Awesome! I still have a massive poster of that 787B in my garage….

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